Our Fug Yard In NYC & The Tool Armoire

Mon, Jun 25, 2007


I want to make the blog wider, but I don’t know how – so I just keep picking new templates. I dork. Anyway, I finally dumped 2 weeks worth of pictures off the camera so expect LOTS of posts today.

Here’s a picture of what used to be a metal/industrial shelving unit in the foyer of the apartment. It’s fug, I know. It had lots of crap piled on it and falling off of it. I replaced the shelves with the “tool armoire” also pictured above. Anyway, I put the shelves on Craigslist for free — 8 people made appointments, they all flaked. SOOO ANNOYING! I finally got fed up and asked the Fiance to help me put it outside with a “FREE” sign. Well, we dropped it on the way out the door and seeing as it was metal and sharp – we both RAN away from it as it careened down the steps. OOPS. Later, someone did come by to claim it. I’m sure they were able to put it back together, unlike Humpty Dumpty.

The picture of the fiance lounging in the yard (this is in NYC – not the Barbie Dream House) is just to show you how little we take care of the yard in NYC. Yup, thank God for privacy fences. What can I say? I won’t even try to make an excuse. I’ve been trying to find someone on the NYC area to help/hire but haven’t lucked out yet. We can’t store a lawn mower in the apartment (not the look we’re going for…) and so we have to call the landlord every few weeks and have him drop a mower off for the afternoon. Then…we don’t rake up the grass and it clogs the yard…and well. Whatever. We can grill out there and I have a small veggie garden (mental note: fix the tomato frames, they are upside-down). Life goes on. I am soooo not winning the Apartment Therapy small yard contest! LOL

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  1. becoming-home Says:

    Funny! Well, at least you have a little bit of outdoor space. Not so common in NYC..though I suppose something like a balcony would be less maintenance! B

    TW, I WISH I had burned that curtain..although I do have fondness in my heart for it and all the other crap decor that must have repelled all other less “imaginative” (or is it just smarter?) buyers before us.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I am highly amused by the upside down tomato cages….ladywine

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