Shut In Reupholsters Her Own Damn Loveseat

Sun, Jun 8, 2008

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We’re supposed to be at the track…we go to Belmont almost every year with DJ, the Fiance’s former ballet instructor/choreographer (yep, ballet in high school – the Fiance has awesome legs…ohh la la) and DJ’s wife Jenny. Heck, even the NY Daily News said we were going to the races. But…I’m still unhinged and the Fiance has strep so we’re staying home. He’s blowing our free NYRA money online, the television is turned WAY up and there are burgers on the grill…so we’re still having fun. We’re planning to blow our money on Ichabod Crane, not Big Brown. Why? Ichabod Crane is owned by the dude that owns one of our favorite restaurants – Gallagher’s…and the Big Brown owner seems way icky. LOL

I decided to just reupholster (and I use that term very loosely…) the loveseat myself. Not finished, still have to: 1. finish all the edges. 2. cut off random strings. 3. figure out how to sew up a neckroll pillow cover (circles…scary!).

Look…I mastered multiple patterns! OK, so it’s only two patterns…cut me some slack. Total of about $10 in fabric and so much better than the vomitous brown.

————– EDIT —————

I did it. I got the neckroll pillow done! I am way too impressed with myself on this. LOL

Too bad I’ve got no credit cards…cause this is surely tempting me…LINK.

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6 Comments For This Post

  1. Marilyn Says:

    Oh, it looks great! Love that fabric. It is so fresh…pretty…and the polar opposite of vomitous.

    “Ichabod Crane” is one of my favorite names ever, from the story – hope he goes all the way!

  2. Skyesmom Says:

    Great job! Want to make some for me??

  3. iloveupstate Says:

    Sure…just as soon as I complete the 8753 things on my to do list. LOL

  4. lsaspacey Says:

    Great job, I’m impressed!

    Well, since he’s running for his life (in the story), Ichabod better win.

  5. april Says:

    Yes, very cute. Love the blue. You’re so talented.

  6. iloveupstate Says:

    I can smell April’s sarcasm all the way from Kansas…LOL

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