Before & After Pictures — Living Room

Sat, Jun 30, 2007


The previous owners must have had a real love for “Pattern on Pattern” decor…and stuffed birds (the den also had a stuffed squirrel – ick!). Ignore the little pink tree in the “After Picture” it was taken right before my sister’s baby shower.

What was done…

Wallpaper…GONE…Painted Benjamin Moore’s “Jersey Cream”

Ripped out the dropped ceiling. Found beams. Yay! Installed bead board and a wood “frame” of sorts, stained.

Removed awkward “chair rail”.

Ripped out carpeting, installed new carpeting.

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  1. cndymkr Says:

    What a great room. The before photo shows such a busy room! The after one is so much nicer, calmer and relaxing.

  2. sarah Says:

    Such an improvement! The ceilings actually look loftier in the “after” picture. It will be a wonderful room to relax in while the rest of the house is being worked on.

  3. Jean Says:

    Yeah, we actually ripped out the ceilings. It was a task my fiance actually had a good time doing!

  4. Ellen Says:

    It looks great. I love “Jersey Cream” – that’s our exterior color.

    I do something similar to your Big Red Bucket with laundry baskets. I only have to switch between upstairs and downstairs, but sometimes a trip down the stairs just to put away the tape measure seems like sooo much work. Or maybe I’m just lazy.

  5. LisaBe Says:

    your comment on the country doctor’s wife’s blog cracked me up (i require crisp $5 bills in birthday cards…). had to come check you out :)
    your house looks beautiful!

  6. becoming-home Says:

    Wow! That’s an amazing difference. Your living room is stylish and comfy looking at the same time. I wanna see more!

  7. Kakapants Says:

    Isn’t it Sherwin Williams “Jersey Cream”? After all, I copied it from your living room for my Sleepy Hollow house. :)

  8. Hallie&Joe Says:

    OMG this is awesome! I’m going to come back and look at this every time I start to hyperventilate.

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