New Contractor, Painted Chandelier…Electricians On The Way!

Mon, Jul 14, 2008

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So the painter I have previously used turned into a first class jerk. I’m trying not to dwell on it. After I hung up on him, I went outside to “kvetch”. That’s yiddish for bitch n moan. Don’t know if I’m spelling that right, I’m a wasp…but I’m learning thanks to the Fiance and his fam. Anyway…

Meet my fabulous NEW painting contractor…Sarah…aka my niece.

Sarah’s going to start on the bedroom then move onto the bathroom and then hit the kitchen last. Nothing like a hungry young college student to get some painting done. Rock on Sarah! We went over the budget, paints, etc. today and I gave her money to buy supplies to get her on the road. Best of all, she can email me digital pictures as she progresses. Hopefully she’ll put some of the money towards beer…umm…I mean BOOKS. Yeah, books. T-E-X-T B-O-O-K-S. Sarah: BUY BOOKS (or shoes…).

I painted one of the chandeliers today. No small task but once I got rolling, totally easy. The hardest part was finding somewhere to hang it, this puppy is heavy…we bent a garden/plant stand and and a few other items till we finally moved over to a thick & sturdy tree branch. Halfway into my second coat it started to rain so we tossed a tarp over it. Welcome to Upstate New York where the weather changes every 15-20 minutes.

Here’s the progression…

The official “before photo”…

Here she is in all her “green apple” glory. We did a few more touch ups after this, but looks awesome, imho! Please ignore the clothes line…

Did I mention that there was a lot of pollen today? There’s a bunch stuck in the paint, but you can’t see it unless you get in really close…schidt happens.

Fingers crossed…the electrician will be here tomorrow to put this and a BUNCH of other lights up. Think we’re going to put this one in the den instead of the bedroom. The ceiling in the bedroom doesn’t feel high enough for this light. Hopefully the green apple will compliment the green walls in the den or at least not clash TOO much. Worst case scenario, it’s going in the hallway. I love it too much not to put it somewhere.

Total Cost on the Chandelier…$34

$20 for the chandelier at an auction

$10 spray paint (primer, paint, sealer)

$4 painters tape to cover the sockets

Umm. The pics from the 20 year reunion are up on a site. I showed the Fiance the picture of the guy who asked me out on my first official “date” when I was a youngin’. The Fiance remarked “You dated Larry The Cable Guy!?!?!” Oh schidt. That’s harsh…

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14 Comments For This Post

  1. Marilyn Says:

    Oh, the chandelier looks apple-tastic! It looks so fabulous that it makes up for dating Larry the Cable Guy.

  2. Lauren Says:

    Okay, you’ve just added to my project list!
    Now I have to go and find a chandelier in need of a paint job. . . and then maybe raise my ceilings about 3 feet so that having a chandelier that size (or well any size) would fit.

  3. Joanne Says:

    What a unique, one-of-a-kind piece!

  4. Rechelle Says:

    Love the chandelier. Your niece is adorable.

  5. jeanmartha Says:

    Yes, she’s cute as a button and has an awesome personality. Let’s hope she can paint too! LOL

  6. julie Says:

    Hi! I found this chesterfield on craig’s list and thought of you:

    –a devoted reader

  7. jeanmartha Says:

    ooohhhh looks like it needs a little love, but if you could bargain them down to $200 – prolly worth the elbow grease to fix & moisturize.

    Hallie…for your Hudson digs?

  8. hallie Says:

    I love that I have surrogate shoppers in blogland.

  9. jeanmartha Says:

    It’s 4:40PM and the electrician has not shown up or returned the 3 calls I’ve made him to him today. Does anyone have an ice pack for my temper!??! I just LOVE to waste vacation days…

  10. Marilyn Says:

    Mm, no ice packs…but I’ll send over a few cupcakes with Midol filling.

  11. Skyesmom Says:

    FRC commented on the Guacamole colored chandelier – guessing color interpretations are regional? LOL It looks good though. Good luck on the rest of the painting and the electrician.

  12. jeanmartha Says:

    Electrician NEVER showed up. He still hasn’t called.


  13. drwende Says:

    Don’t think of it as pollen — think of it as an exciting texture. (And the chandelier looks fabulous!)

    Yeah, it’s sad when you start hoping the electrician is dead, as that’s the only excuse you’d accept at this point. Been there, done that…

  14. carol Says:

    Love the chandelier! Smart thinking to hire your niece. Women make the best painters!

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