The Raw House…All Naked & Proud

Tue, Jul 24, 2007


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Here’s a picture of the house right after it had been scraped but obviously before it was painted. All naked and vulnerable and real and proud. It looks so raw…and I love it with the shutters off. I actually comtemplated leaving the house like this, but I knew the town would flip out. There’s something I really love about the scrapey raw look. I think she’s beautiful without big gobs of makeup. I mean, paint. Is it weird that I ADMIRE the house like this? All raw & proud?

I’m experimenting with Flickr & the blog. Yes, I know I am WAY behind the curve. I’m not sure how to do multiple pics in one post yet…so bear with me. If anyone wants to point me to a “Flickr for Blogger Idiots” area that would be appreciated. I am so not the most technologically capable person…

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I love, love, love your house…DH is the one who likes these “new” houses that look like everyone else’s…I love your house…I covet it. ladywine

  2. Says:

    That’s funny…cause I told Sam that I was coveting your house. And, I want your couch…crayon marks n all!

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