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Fri, Aug 10, 2007


Yo, it’s not nice to make me cry — until after I’ve had a few cocktails. Nicest blog-post-comment ever! And, I totally agree with her comments on the Levitz couch. The arms are ick.

On 8/10/07, shelley wrote:
shelley has left a new comment on your post “Whole Bucket O’ Logo Treatments From Erik”:

I like the one with the green “grass” background or you could just use a “slate” colored background, I love your blog — it’s like visiting a cool, dear friend, you make me laugh out loud, we have similar tastes and I love your current home as well as your dream house! Thanks for the great reads everyday. p.s. don’t get the Levits Chesterfield – the arms are fug, it looks ‘fake’, hold off ’til you find a gem on craigslist.

Posted by shelley to i love upstate at August 10, 2007 1:41 PM

I don’t get a lot of comments…but my traffic numbers are “ok” I think. Maybe I post too little-too often? Who knows. Maybe it’s the stupid validation thing I have to put up so that I don’t comment-spam? It’s annoying, I hate typing that random assortment of letters/numbers. Makes me feel way dyslexic.

Cat Update – She’s got a cold/infection and is dehydrated. The vet gave her an iv drip and antibiotics. The Fiance is also sick as a, well – dog. The two of them are home, sick, whining…and calling me to complain. Do I want to go home to that? Leave the safe quiet confines of my office where I can dick off and blog? Ummm, ok.

In other completely unrelated news, my garden finally decided to ripen. Yay! Tomat-ers!

And the Fiance’s new espresso machine needs to be potty trained. Spews everywhere!

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  1. Shelley Says:

    Thanks so much! I rarely every comment as I usually smirk at the “obvious” comments some make to some of the daily blog entries I read but honestly I laugh so hard at yours, and honestly, I was catching up reading the last few today and when I read the ‘concert hag’ one today, I snorted outloud….at work. anyhoo. Keep up the great work, you’re a hoot….with style! – Shelley

  2. Says:

    If I make just one person snort a day (excluding myself) then my work is done. Snort on!

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