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Sat, Aug 11, 2007


The Veternarian called this morning. The kitty is very “not well”. They are afraid Tal may have started kidney failure and also has a bad urinary tract infection. They suggested we bring her in for observation for a few days. The Fiance who is also sick as a dog (bad pet pun) threw on clothes and somehow we managed to drive over to the Vet’s office. On the way, we found the new Trader Joe’s in Queens, not open yet, but something to look forward to and something else to think about other than the sick kitty. While we were waiting to check her in, a woman came in covered in blood. Her 7 month old cocker spaniel had gotten away from her in the park and had run out into traffic. He later died. That poor woman. I lost it. I was crying for/with her in the office. She was in hysterics – understandably. God, vets offices are so depressing. Back to our cat, she’ll be in for 3 nights with an IV drip and one of those tacky cones on her head. She’s sooo not happy about that cone, Tal’s quite sure she’ll end up on the the fashion pages with a black line across her eyes and in the “don’t” fashion column. For her privacy, we’re not releasing the name of the Vet’s office in the hope that the paparazzi will leave her alone while she recuperates. When Tal comes home she’ll likely need special food and possibly injections. We’ll know more on Tuesday. They said we can visit her so we’ll be over there tomorrow, Monday and then to pick her up on Tuesday. The Fiance would probably sleep on the floor of the Vets office if they’d let him. Poor kitty. She must be so lonely and confused. She was so weak last night – like a ragdoll. She just flopped flat down where we put her. We got up every 2-3 hours to give her water which she drank, yet is still very dehydrated. She also ate some moist cat food this morning and took a big piss in the litter box so I’m staying hopeful.

In an effort to not sit around the house mope-ing (am anyway…) I went to Michael’s and blew a small fortune on crafty crap. This pile o’ stuff was like $70. What was I thinking? Oh right, I wasn’t. My bad. Anyway, I searched through 3 other crafts stores for the frikken button covers to make the groovy thumbtacks and no one had them. Michael’s had ONE package of upholstery button covers so I bought those. Here’s some pics of my button/thumbtacks and the felt flower magnets…I put the magnets in a metal gift card tin and I’ll gift em to someone like that I suppose.

I want my kitty back. It’s not the same without her sitting on the back of the couch slowly falling onto me as I type.

The Fiance is in the kitchen baking his troubles away and blasting Squeeze. I see cake & muffins in my future…

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  1. cndymkr Says:

    I’m so sorry about the cat. I wish I has sort of witty reply that would at least give you a chuckle. But nothing. Just a hug and hope for the best.

  2. Says:

    thanks so much. we’re counting the minutes till we can call at 10AM to find out how she is. it was hard to sleep last night without her furry butt getting into the way…


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