you will have to drag me kicking & screaming with bloody gums and broken nails into "middle age".

Tue, Aug 21, 2007


Roses are Red
Violets Are Blue
I Will Not Become A Scrap-booker
Because my Hips Are Already Big Enough.


So last weekend I went on a spending spree at JoAnn. All I really needed was some scraps of fabric for my thumbtack project.

JoAnn was having a huge sale and everything was Cheep! Cheep! Cheep! I bought a scrapbook and a big tablet of scrapbook paper, glue, stickers, etc.

I got home and looked at this mess and FREAKED out. I do NOT want to BE one of THOSE women. OH MY GOD. How did this even get into my home!?!?! I bagged the shit back up and it’s all getting returned. I think “Scrapbooking” would easily add another 6 inches to my hips and I’d undoubtedly end up wearing little white turtlenecks with skiing polar bears and penguins. Holy Shit. It’s like an entry drug to middle-age-boredom. The Fiance has said that the only thing I could do to truly make him run for the hills is to become one of those women who wears cardigans that has little house with smoke swirling out of the chimney.

HOLY CRAP. I used to have hot pink hair. I once shaved my head. I have done shots of tequila in/at Graceland. I almost hurled in the jungle room! I once dated an uber-famous-bass player who taught me to play bass. I was a guest speaker at a convention in France. I have gotten trashed on the beach in Italy and puked my brains out (and then covered it up with sand, sorry). I once asked Puffy/P. Diddy/Sean John for a light (when I smoked).

I AM NOT A SCRAPBOOKER!!! I will be 37 in October, but you will have to drag me kicking & screaming with bloody gums and broken nails into middle-age-boredom.

Enter the Gocco. Kim over at Four Beds Two Baths was using her Gocco this weekend and blogged about it. I am obviously in the market for some sort of artsy diversion. I started googlin’ Gocco and finding all kinds of fun (and COOL) things to do with this machine. I think I want the B6 model…so now I’m on the hunt to find the best price.

Here’s a couple of pictures from Flikr of some amazing Gocco projects (the word ‘crafts’ makes me nervous).

I’m Loco for Gocco.

EDIT: I just signed up for the 10/14 Gocco class @ Etsy. Helen (co-worker) says I’m a dork. I’m comfortable with being a dork. That comes naturally. I just don’t want to be frumpy & middle-aged.

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  1. Kim Says:

    Once you start, you can’t stop! Gocco rules.

    And this was hysterical. Thanks for the belly laughs! And seriously, scrapbooking stuff just frightens me.

  2. Rechelle Says:

    I am with you on the scrap book thing – but the chimney swirl thing sounds nice and you do have the cat to go with it. I think we need to hear longer versions of a few of those stories to which you just alluded.

  3. becoming-home Says:

    I’ve been secretly harboring a desire to gocco..let me know where you end up getting yours!

  4. Says:

    Ariana – There’s an Etsy class on 10/14 and it’s only $30. Get your butt on Metro North and head on down. Cocktails would of course follow that class. :)

  5. needanewname Says:

    HA!!! You just a moment of weakness is all…dazzled by the pretty patterns on the paper…it’s soooooo cute. Good thing you came to your senses before it was too late.
    DH and I have an scrapbooking for me, no golf for him…either one would be grounds for divorce, or worse.

  6. cndymkr Says:

    Hey, I think I’ve just been insulted. I am a scrapbooker. Alright, I’m lying. I own all the stuff and keep buying more but I use it to make cards and other stuff. There, I feel better being out of the closet.

  7. Says:

    I am keeping the grass pattern paper. I think I want to line a drawer with it…

  8. april Says:

    I don’t do any stinkin’ paper crafts. As far as I’m concerned photos should be thrown into large boxes all willy-nilly or permanently stored on your computer.

    I still don’t know what the heck the gocco is? Am I missing something? The pictures of it look like a large plastic notebook???

  9. Says:

    Gocci us a screen printing machine from Japan. There’s link up in the post.

    Man, moving a house full of kids sure dun make you cranky, huh?


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