Hermes Upcycle.

Fri, Nov 21, 2008

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I Love Hermes. I Love Thrift Shops.

What will you do with me?

The first time I went to France (1998) I treated myself to a little Hermes…and a little Vuitton and yes…a little Furla and Longchamp. It was WAY before the Euro and I was sure at the time that my 401K would grow like Jack’s beanstalk. I saved the ribbons from the packages all these years. I’d love to say this upcycle is my original creation, but it’s not. People sell these (coughcough copyright infringement coughcough) on various craft sites. For me to make them for myself or friends? No problem. To sell them? Problem. Still, it was a lot of fun to make these so I will make more and gift them to friends. Tutorial Here.

I should have emptied the dishwasher and cleaned the kitchen

but instead I played with ribbon.


**Yes, Lynsey, you can have one – even though you don’t comment on here but rather run down the hall to comment to me directly…brat!

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8 Comments For This Post

  1. gina Says:

    How awesome!!!!

  2. Marilyn Says:

    I’m speechless. With a tongue-binding combo of admiration and covetousness.

  3. Suzanne Fall Says:

    have been to many a thrift store in my neck of the woods and not one of them has a dresser that pretty! I love it-

  4. modernemama Says:

    Très cool!

  5. jeanmartha Says:

    Update: Lynsey now has her keychain. Yes, dear, you’ve been OUTED.

  6. the fiance Says:

    would have looked crappier, but would have been funny if you had done one on mickey mouse or nascar lanyard with the hermes ribbon. is this why i’m not allowed to decorate?

  7. jeanmartha Says:

    Yes, that’s exactly why you are not allowed to decorate.

  8. lsaspacey Says:

    Oh, I thought they were belts?

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