Craptastic Salvation Army Find Becomes “Mr. Fantastic”…

Sun, Nov 23, 2008

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I am working (quite diligently I might add!) on the to do list I posted earlier today. Sure, I’m putting off cleaning the cat litter box. Wouldn’t you? Anyway, I ran out to do errands – banking, dry cleaners, etc. and of course had to take a stroll into the local Salvation Army. Amongst my scores, this stool for $3.99.

Well hello there ugly little brown stool. What’s your name?


What a sad name. Why don’t you come home with me for a little makeover?

Hmm? What do you say?


So me and Craptastic headed home. We chatted for a bit, made 4 loaves of banana bread and split a diet coke. Craptastic kept edging over to the roll of Lee Jofa fabric that I hadn’t yet used. Poor fabric was still in the shipping container. Sad. I know.

I took the fabric out and let them mingle a bit. Small talk ensued. I’m from here. You’re from there. Wouldn’t we be delightful together, etc. You know how it goes.


The fabric seemed open to a merger of sorts. I pulled out the fabric and made my first cut into this 19 yard bounty of silk velvet plaid fabulousness. Craptastic almost fell of the damn table. So much jumping! Such excitement!

I grabbed my staple gun and got to work.


I trimmed off the excess fabric and now, Craptastic…he’s feelin’ mighty FANTASTIC. We’re applying for a formal name change on Monday morning at city hall.


I started a Flickr group for thrift store finds/refurbs. If you want to join or check it out, here’s the LINK.

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  1. Marilyn Says:

    Squealing! You’ve done a fine thing there – he’s stylin’ now.

    Only you can put “ugly little brown stool” and “craptastic” together, and wind up somewhere good. :)

  2. jeanmartha Says:

    With fabric that’s like $300+ a yard! LOL

  3. Marybeth at Babygoodbuys Says:

    So cute! I LOVE it :)

  4. jacq Says:

    that looks great!
    btw do you have a number for the 46th st one besides the
    listed one??
    your previous post reminded me i hadn’t been up there
    in ages……. anyhow went, saw something had to leave
    and i want to call to see if its still there but no one answers!!

  5. jeanmartha Says:

    the one on 46th street closes at 5:45pm (bites!) but the number i have is 757-2311 – good luck!

  6. min hus Says:


  7. Sara Says:

    Wow!!!! I love that fabric!!!! Where did you find the fabric?? Sara

  8. Nicole Says:

    In a word, COOL!

  9. jeanmartha Says:

    I’m a big Lee Jofa fabric fan. was running a promotion where you could get 30% off a “buy it now” Ebay purchase. The seller had it up for something like $350. I offered (I think…bad memory…) her $225 for it and she adjusted the buy it now price and gave me 30% off on top of that. Not bad for NINETEEN YARDS since this stuff is like $300+ PER YARD.

  10. Laurel Says:

    Stool looks fantastic! Love the fabric, 19 yards for that price!?! Amazing deal! I want a deal like that!

  11. jenni Says:

    Great stool. Lol@ formal name change.

    Oh and btw I used bonus bucks yesterday for more products with bonus bucks today. Three words ….free contact cleaner.

  12. laura @ the shorehouse Says:

    I’m a little late to the game here, but WOW — such a great fixer upper! Home the name change panned out today. :-)

    Thanks for your comment anbout my mom. Oy VEY what a week…It was all downhill after the curry and the hat. That’s what I get for bad mouthing my co-workers over lunch. With luck mom will be sprung tomorrow. ‘Til then…

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