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Mon, Dec 15, 2008

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Someone mentioned elsewhere that I hadn’t posted about what I was doing with the many ties I recently acquired. It being the holiday season my elves (that would be the cat and my monkey puppet) are hard at work on many secretive projects. That said…here’s what’s up with the ties at the moment…

Necklaces! A little Designer Upcycle Goodness.


The maroon one and the red one (aka “The Equestrians”) are up in my Etsy shop.

The winner of the contest/giveaway (CLICK HERE TO ENTER) will get to pick either the blue polka dot one or the pink one. I’m also adding a dvd copy of Brighten Beach Memoirs to the tote bag.The dvd is still sealed so you can re-gift it. I won’t tell anyone!



So you’re pretty crafty and want to make one? Here’s a quick tutorial…

1. Use a silk tie. The fabric is stronger AND easily moved in and out of the “tube formation”.

2. Wash the tie in Woolite or another delicate detergent, hang it up and let dry.

3. Use a seam ripper to gently take out the seam. Gently because you don’t want to pierce & rip the silk (duh…).

4. Remove the interior cotton “stuff”.

5. Iron the tie so it’s nice and flat. It helps if you have a cute pink headband nearby to keep your hair out of your eyes as well as your “Sewing for Dumbasses” book.


6. There will be awesome interior satin on either end, it’s kinda nice if that shows. IMHO. Start sewing it (inside out!!!) from about 1-2 inches in from either end. Hope that makes sense. You want to do a straight line but keep in mind one section is skinnier than the other so be consistent. The tube you’re sewing needs to be big enough to push beads or buttons down the shaft.

7. Cut off some of the excess fabric – if there’s too much fabric the knots get too bulky.

8. Turn the “tube” right-side out.

9. Tie a loose knot at one end.

10. Drop in a bead (or button, whatever), tie a tight knot.


11. Rinse & Repeat (that means do it over and over again, bead/button/knot).

After making a bunch of these, I can tell you that I prefer round wooden beads with a half inch diameter. Light wood.

And remember if you’re not crafty…you can always go here…to my Etsy Shop.

If you haven’t already entered my contest/giveaway, CLICK HERE to go to that post to leave a comment.

Hope everyone’s having a great Sunday eve!!


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5 Comments For This Post

  1. pam Says:

    So clever!

  2. Lila Huggins Says:

    Good Monday Morning from Atlanta,

    That may have been me that wanted to know about your ties. Thank you for posting the instructions. That’s what I love about blogging. Everyone’s so willing to share their talents.
    I’m so glad April Showers sent me to your blog. I really enjoy it. I spent most of last night (Sunday eve) going back to the beginning. You are so talented girl!
    I’ll be reading and watching everyday now.
    You know, I was wondering if only someone could come up with an idea to reuse old jigsaw puzzles. What a waste at the thrift stores. Boxes and boxes of them. I’m sure they just go in the landfill. I never see anyone buying any do you? Who would want to buy a 5000 piece puzzle just to end up with two pieces missing ack! Yes, this happened to me!

    Let’s see what we could do about that.

    Have a great day.

    Miss Lila in Atlanta

  3. bungalowbliss Says:

    I don’t know how you think of these great ideas. What a good way to recycle…and such a unique look, too!

  4. jeanmartha Says:

    Lila – Awesome suggestion. You’re right, the puzzles do sort of sit on the shelf and rot. I bet someone could do a really cool mosaic/installation with them and then seal them with something. Hmmm. I’m off to talk to Phyllis about this she always has great ideas.

  5. april Says:

    One of my kids make a cute craft in preschool with old puzzle pieces. They painted them and then hot glued them to a picture frame. Then the teacher took cute photos of the kids to put in the frame and wrote, “I love you to pieces” on the the puzzle pieces. So cute, I still have mine with a very cute little 3yo face in it.

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