Exposed Ceiling, Roast Chicken & More Architectural Salvage

Mon, Oct 15, 2007


I get quite a few emails and google searches based on my living room ceiling so I thought I’d toss up a few more (better) pictures. We ripped out the lovely drop ceiling (mmmm…not!) and found these groovy old beams. I had bead board installed between the beams to lighten up the darkness of the beams and also to help keep the dust & debris down to a minimum. You wouldn’t believe how many people were horrified that I was planning to leave the beams exposed. Umm, screw you people. LOL I love the way it turned out. We had the room framed with simple molding like a picture frame. I have to fix that hideous electrical wire. The placement is terrible – that’s what happens when you aren’t always on site when work is being done. You leave copious notes and talk on the phone and well…you end up with a cord running down the center instead of flush against the beam or even UNDER the bead board where it should be. Que sera sera. Pick your battles. We’ll fix it when the French (or Italian!?!?) chandelier comes back from the lighting hospital.

My chairs! Remember all that moaning I did about my love of Xavier Pauchard’s Marais Chairs? Priscilla found some dude in the village that had 11 of them. I was able to score 5 of them and will forever be in Priscilla’s debt. Having the real deal instead of the DWR ones…and at 1/5 the price…priceless! Course, Upstate Mom had to find a way to torture me. See her there all giggling and sticking magnets to them!?!?!

So let’s move on to the lighting “situation” in the dining room. Yum, another fug Hampton Bays-ish chandelier. I want to replace it with this big drum shade. I’m just not sure on where/how to get the kit to turn the drum shade into a hanging pendant-like lamp that WON’T have a big ugly exposed light bulb dangling within, over our heads as we dine. Assume a frosted globe goes inside? Anyone? Anyone? Am I smokin’ something here? Doesn’t Joe make a nice Vanna White? Also in this set is the fireplace in the dining room. What? You don’t see it? That’s cause the previous owners faux-bricked it over and then put baseboard heat across the front of it. Nice. Yeah, that’s on Matt’s list of things to rectify. Thinking I will harvest the mantle from the living room and put it in the dining room. I mentioned harvesting the mantle from Upstate Mom’s bedroom and that was met with a pout. Ok! Ok! Keep the mantle in your bedroom. LOL

I got my roast chicken with broccoli and mashed potatoes dinner. Course, no one got much to eat since the Fiance decided that the plate the chicken was on was his personal plate. Keep your fork to yourself buddy! Kidding. We all pigged out. I need to move the cat painting (painted by Upstate Mom!) and the mirror down. I just lobbed them up there on existing nails from a previous big japanese painting that used to be there till we moved the sideboard/cabinet from the city to the house. Put it on the never-ending to do list…

On to Zaborski’s Emporium. What did I get there? Well, not much frankly. It was my first time there and I was completely overwhelmed with all the options. I did snag a Steelcase chair for $50, a Hollywood Regency-ish umbrella stand for $5 and a sign that says “Fresh Baked Pastries” for $4. The sign is a real sign, not one of the fake looking TJ Maxx deals (personally…I hate those!). Being the putz that I am, I grabbed the one chair that was missing the up/down lever. Oops. Hoping I can find a replacement lever somewhere.

Last but not least…Fall Flowers and A Cute Baby.

Forgot to mention…my sister has a new blog. It’s called “I Gotta Headache”. Guess who gets lots of migraines? LINKY. We should talk her into getting a new username though. I don’t think “kakapants” really rolls off the tongue, know what I mean?


My sister posted a hideous picture of her kids on her blog. Good lord. Just to clarify, Josh does NOT look like Eric Stolz in ‘Mask’ in real life…he looks like this…

Oh wait. That’s bad too. He’s not really cross-eyed. That damn kid.

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  1. Patriot Says:

    Just wanted to let you know about a new giveaway I’m hosting this week for some more great, American made products! Come check it out!


  2. shelley Says:

    I love the beams and your beadboard, looks exactly like what an upstate home should be! ADORE the bistro chairs and veddy, veddy jealous of you to score them…wholly cow! I couldn’t find any so I settled for the bentwood cafe chairs :( But I love ‘em anyway….they are so lightweight I’m afraid I will go right through the seat…even the cats won’t jump on them…to unstable! Wow, you really scored. Pricscilla: now is the time to cash in with upstate….NOW! :)

    p.s. the nephew is darling and the farrow & ball paint is THE BEST, with maybe the exception of European Paints, which is also costly. You get what you pay for.

  3. Says:

    There is a set of 6 bentwood cafe chairs on Craigslist/Dallas for $40. I will be in Dallas in a few weeks. I’m tempted…but I have NOWHERE to put them. LOL

  4. shelley Says:

    6 bentwoods for $40? I bought 2 for $25, though they are in pristine condition and only needed 2….it’s all about the ‘bargain’ isn’t it? LOL

  5. KakaPants Says:

    Hey, I didn’t create the KakaPants name, you can thank Mommy for that one. It’s better than some of the nicknames Daddy had for us…

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