Greek Tea. No, Not Really.

Wed, Dec 31, 2008

Home Projects, I Love Upstate

Tonight The Fiance baked bread. He didn’t much like his creation but I’ve never met a bread I didn’t like. Wait, I take that back. I hate rye bread. Ugh! The Fiance’s bread was a beer bread, very hearty and yummy. Just typing about it is making me want to toast up a piece and slap some butter on it. Hmm. Be right back…

While he was playing baker…I was playing with some of the softest wool I’ve ever found…


I had shipped all this wool off to someone who’s doing some sewing projects for me (stuff that’s way over my head) and I missed it so much that I asked her to Priority Mail 1/4 yard back to me. Seriously, I love this fabric. If I could get my paws on yards & yards more of it, I would. Sadly my source is fresh out of it and does not plan to replenish.

My little wool envelope has two sections and will hold a few packets of tea and Splenda. I hate when I go to a restaurant and they say they only have Earl Grey. Bleach! I hate Earl Grey. Smells like someone sprayed perfume up my nose. I’m an English Breakfast, Irish Breakfast or good ole Orange Pekoe kind of girl…


Didja see the Greek Key style stitching? Fancy Schmacy!


On the next one I’m going to put two buttons and a string closure. The snap closure is fine, it’s just a bit rough on the fingernails…

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8 Comments For This Post

  1. Jamie, dammit! Says:

    ooh i want one of those tea things!!!!

  2. Nicole Says:

    Love the little tea cozy! (And also Earl Grey. :-) But I like both English and Irish breakfast tea, too. I guess if we all liked the same things it would be boring in a hurry, no?)

  3. bungalowbliss Says:

    It’s all about the details! Great idea, and I love the red thread with the gray wool.

  4. Kerry Says:

    YES! Someone agrees with me about the horridness of Earl Grey. Sinky dead flower smell. Ick.

  5. modernemama Says:

    Great for t-bags and condoms?

  6. jeanmartha Says:


  7. jenni Says:

    Lol @ Modernemama, too much of that Love Art she’s been posting about.

    However, I do like the tea cozy and never thought of Earl Grey being so flowery. Hummmm…..

    And it is too funny about the smack down @ the thrift store.

    Happy New Year.

  8. Jessy mark Says:

    What a great wool envelope. This looks so sophisticated & nice ,the color & the fabric used is very nice . I will also try to make such an envelope to keep my tea bags .
    I am not very good at stitching !
    Still i will give it a try


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