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Mon, Feb 16, 2009

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After I was done stomping around (what a carp day!) and the Fiance had replaced the light bulbs in my home office (I can’t reach them, even with a ladder) I pulled out the sewing machine. I made 2 microwaveable headache/aching back pillows. One big, one small.

I’ve used these hot/moist/herbal pillows for years. The Fiance used to make fun of me…now he’s their best customer. The one we had been using started to get super skanky but I didn’t feel like blowing $20+ to buy a new one. So I made one…with stuff lying around the house.


It’s full of lentils, rice, lavender, chamomile and some cloves for good measure. The pretty fabric is lined inside with a thin flannel.


The pillow is a little over 2 feet long (Fiance gets shoulder/neck cramps which lead to migraines) and the mixture is sewn into eight different pockets so that it doesn’t flow back & forth. Blue on one side, green on the other.

I want to make a mint one for me. We have tons of mint that grows wild around us, will try to harvest and dry some this summer.

Now, I’m out of rice, lentils, lavender and chamomile. I see a trip to the local Indian neighborhood in my future…and maybe a plate of chicken curry and garlic naan.

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  1. Gladys Says:

    That is so cool. I made one several years ago from a tube sock. I took one sock and filled it full of rice still in the hulls then i put in chamomile and lavender as well as some peppermint oil soaked cloth. Then I sewed the first sock together and put inside another sock. It worked like a charm.

  2. laura @ the shore house Says:

    Nice work! Are they headed to an etsy store near me? I’d buy one for shore house mom for mother’s day for sure.

  3. jeanmartha Says:

    Probably not, I’m sort of over the whole Etsy thing. It takes so long to load anything into their system and sales are in the crapper.

    We’ll give this one a test run for a few weeks to make sure the mixture is good. Then maybe I’ll just sell em off of here.

  4. Diana Says:

    Ooh! I want one!

  5. Marilyn Says:

    Very clever – and fragrant! Now I’m hungry.

  6. Skyesmom Says:

    Let me know when you have some available for sale! I NEED one of those.

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