Kitchen Renovation Pics Updated & Migraine. – ReEdited

Mon, Dec 10, 2007


EDIT: Migraine is finally gone (left work, came home…crashed). Editing the post below…

I have a migraine so I left my office lights off. All my co-workers keep walking in and turning my lights ON. It’s like a flashbulb going off in my brain. I have to complete 2 contracts today before I can go home and crawl under a rock, I mean the covers. I fly to San Francisco tomorrow for work. Hoping I get to hit my most favorite restaurant in the whole world: Millenium. I’m not even a vegetarian…and I love, love, love this place.

Given the migraine, this post will be rather short. Here’s a picture of the clown car as it progressed with stuff:

The new-to-me marble table and yellow chairs will NOT live in that spot forever, just till the breakfast nook is done (windows, trim, painting, etc.). I bought several sets of curtains at Ikea, I’ve settled on the reddish-white tomato soup ones.

Ouch, headache. Insert your own narrative. 
That’s a nice lookin’ naked lightbulb, dontcha think? Very urban. We paid about $900 for that at DWR. I’m kidding! Just waiting for the globes to come in so that the yellow faux bamboo chandelier can be installed. The super-nice woman at Burning Lights looked it over and proclaimed it road-worthy. Also below is the new GAS cooktop. Fire! Fire! Fire! So excited to not be cooking on electric. The backsplash will be beadboard and isntalled after the windows are done. In a perfect world, the windows are being installed on Wednesday or Thursday of this week! Hurrah! Matt-The-Contractor is also going to put up the Christmas garland on the outside of the house. Notice anything else? Yup, schidt-tastic green laminate countertop is gone. That’s about $590 worth of Ikea countertops right there.

So here are the curtains I bought at Ikea. Red, Yellow and a Blue set as well as white-ish sheers. I’ve decided to go with the Red ones for the breakfast nook area. The Blue ones will go in the bedroom and the Yellow ones will go in the foyer. Now I don’t have to return them…I just need to buy 1-2 more sets of the Yellow. The foyer has A LOT of windows. Also, since they are the hated-tab top we will have to adjust them so that they are Rod top. And really, who doesn’t enjoy Rod Stewart from time to time?

Breakfast nook with new-to-me $60 wicker loveseat and the Red curtains. Insulation is umm, shiny, huh?

The obligatory Before and Almost-After Shot.

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7 Comments For This Post

  1. rh Says:

    Oh, I ate at Millennium once. It was great. You know…we do have good vegetarian restaurants in NY. You don’t have to go all the way to SF for a good meal.

  2. EGE Says:

    When do you get back from San Fran? I’m mailing your you-know-what today — will the PO hang onto it till you get back?

  3. Says:

    I’m back on Friday morning. The Fiance can pick it up a the PO – he doesn’t get to go to San Fran.


  4. Says:

    Yay for the cake…not that the Fiance is stuck home.

  5. goddessof4 Says:

    I am thinking about getting the ikea counters(butcher block) They look really great!!!!!!I cann’t wait to see everything finished!!!!!1

  6. april Says:

    Are you using the PVC or plastic beadboard behind the stove? I had a contractor telling me about it because we want to replace the tile around the kitchen with beadboard.

    He said it takes paint beautifully. I want to see it for myself first.

    Love the yellow chairs with the cute table.

    I so wish we had an Ikea close to us.

  7. Says:

    Gettin’ lots of blog spam…

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