Tool Camp, Sweaters & Commerce Bank…Oh My.

I went shopping tonight. You know, Tool Camp this weekend! I can’t go off to camp wearing old crap. Yestermorrow is in Vermont so that means New Sweater!!

Oh wait, I’m going to be using tools in a garage-like setting. Schidt, I should wear old crap. Dang. Oops. Oh well. Retail is dying and I had to throw them a couple of bucks. Just doing my part. Hah! I bought a gorgeous blood red/burgundy velvet jacket on clearance for $38. Got home and realized the one I grabbed was missing all the blasted buttons. Guess I’ll be going back to Macy’s. Grrrr. By the way…I was in the world’s largest Macy’s (Herald Square) and I’m quite sure that I was the only American patron. EVERYONE was from Europe. The Europeans are sure loving that whole Euro to Dollar thing.

Speaking of disasters…

Look what the Fiance found and left on the dining room table for me.

Yep, that’s a Commerce Bank EASTER egg decorating kit. I should be all self-righteous about it except my initial reaction was to yell “OH CHRIST!” really loud so I suppose I’ll be in the same line to hell as the marketing team from Commerce Bank.

Hey! Guess who else is going to Tool Camp? Aunt Flo.

In other news. I puffy heart the Lucky Pork blog. There’s a link over in my link section or you can CLICK HERE. I am puffy eyed today after staying up late to read EVERY post on that blog.

If you haven’t already entered the Blogger-versary Poem Contest…see the post below this one to enter. There’s a super-faux-fabulous prize with a combined retail value in excess of $100 (that’s like $65 to Europeans).

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  1. Marilyn Says:

    Haa! Aunt Flo + power tools = scary.

    Lurve the sweater – oh, how I wish I was carefree eurotrash.

  2. EGE Says:

    At a little shop in San Francisco, I once found a “nail your own Jesus” kit. I am atheist enough to have thought it was hysterical, but still just Catholic enough (mostly the guilt part) that I couldn’t bring myself to take it home. Maybe Commerce could get into THAT business next year!

  3. pork luck Says:


  4. skyesmom Says:

    Love Lucky Pork and I want the sweater. You can keep Aunt Flo.

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