Fifteen Bucks = 2 Stools & 1 Ottoman (Empire).

Tue, Jul 1, 2008

Flea Market Finds

I raced home before the rain (yes, again) and the Fiance helped me unload the flea market stuff from the trunk. Hey, umm do you smell that? Wow. That cat litter box is ripe. Anyway…

Here’s the yellow stools…with cast iron bases. Ten bucks. I couldn’t pass them up. Once I hot glue some of the loose pieces and attack them with a Mr. Clean magic eraser they will go nicely in the new red & yellow kitchen…near the fireplace. Hurrah. More seating for the kitchen. No one sits in my dining room or living room, not even sure why we have them. We all hang in the kitchen.

Anyway, here’s the kitchen/fireplace…which will soon have some groovy yellow stools…

And here’s the $5 wonder ottoman. I’m going to bag it up for a few weeks in case it has the cooties. Still, for $5, I couldn’t pass it up. Again, needs some Mr. Clean magic eraser lovin’.

Last but least…here’s the earrings I scored on Etsy from executeme. I saw similar earrings on You Grow Girl and fell in love. Yay, jewelry!

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  1. Marilyn Says:

    Litter box…yellow stools…did you not think about this?

    That said, I dig the stools – they have a very cool 70′s fondue restaurant quality about them!

  2. jeanmartha Says:

    There was something just a tad too silly & unique about them…I couldn’t avert my eyes. Glad you said fondue restaurant…I was worried it might look a bit “McDonalds”. LOL

  3. lsaspacey Says:

    I LOVE the stools, that kitchen is looking good. I also love the red and yellow color combination. Have you ever checked out deardaisycottage‘s flickr pics or her blog? Here entire home color scheme is red and yellow!

  4. Jen Says:

    Those stools are fantastic!!! You have a fireplace in your kitchen..? so jealous!! Yes..definately worth your commute :)

  5. jeanmartha Says:

    Thanks for the link, her stuff looks so cheerful. Will check it out more when I get home.

    The fireplace where spiders just LOVE to make cobwebs? That fireplace? LOL

  6. Melanie @ BeanPaste Says:

    I love those finds. LOVE THE OTTOMAN. And for a fiver! I really wish I could thrift on the East Coast. You do not even want to know what an Idaho flea market entails. Besides, you know, fleas.

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