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Mon, Mar 2, 2009

Home Projects, I Love Upstate

In an attempt to put the Therapy back in Renovation Therapy…we’ve been working on a few projects. Even pulled out the much-loved staple gun and a bolt of fabric from Calico Corners. All this activity is helping to cut down on the incessant cursing I’ve been doing to God or whomever the higher entity is that takes things we love away. [personal to God/Whomever: I still think you suck it.]

First we took all the clothes out of the closet (my side anyway…) and made piles of keep/donate/crappy clothes to do yard work in, etc. Then I took out 2 of the floating shelves and upholstered them in a shiny/slippery fabric (so the clothes won’t drag on them) to get a bit more color in there. Much better than the raw wood/craft paper look that was in there.


I also went batschidt and color coded my hanging clothes…note reds & pinks, cream/whites, patterns, greens and then lots of black/brown and finally blues. Dork. Batschidt Dork.


Lastly, I gave my handbags a little more space. I took the Vuitton out of the sleeping bag (the closet isn’t dusty…) and stowed all my small handbags/clutches inside it. I ended up with an entire Longchamp section in the back – love those bags.


I need to find a nicer/better way to store my scarves, that plastic bin is a bit sad – I have tons of scarves. Love them!

In other news, in between losing our minds over the loss of Tal, we’ve started a list of bad names for cats. Some are misspelled on porpoise. The Vets office tends to YELL the pets name rather than your name/last name when they are ready for you. We thought Snots would be particularly fun in that situation. Snots! Snots! Is Snots here? We also felt that names of guests on the Maury Povich show would automatically qualify for the list.


OK, back to cursing God…I mean finishing the closet…

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  1. modernemama Says:

    Great therapy. Good job on the color coordination. How about Katz as feline name? It might generate a moment of confusion at the vet’s!

  2. jeanmartha Says:

    anything ending with a “Z” automatically goes on the list as well. Good call!

  3. Diana Says:

    I like snots.
    I also always liked Dropsy. It sounds cute, but SO isn’t…

  4. jeanmartha Says:

    There’s a black/white kitten on petfinder that I’ve named Tucker. Am torturing the Fiance. I need something that purrs and trips me in the hallway. It’s too soon for him…probably me too. Still, there are so many that need good homes and it’s not like we’re not going to get another cat. I think Tal would want us to take in another fur-buddy, she knows we’re awesome parents (we always let her stay up late and watch R movies). Bringing another cat into our home doesn’t diminish our love for Tal, it doesn’t replace that love…it’s just different.

  5. kate Says:

    That’s the spirit!

  6. georgie Says:

    I like people with spunk and you definitely have that! Our cat is named Pesto, aka Pestilence, Pestolini, Pestogetyourfatbuttinthehouse now. She is quite obnoxious.

  7. Joanne Says:

    You’ll know when you’re ready to open your home to another furball. It took us nearly a year to the day after we lost our Pascal before we could bring another cat home, and then we got two. But we did have our dog to help us through the grieving process.

  8. Nicole Says:

    We got Ozzie a week after we put our first Yorkie down … with me swearing I never wanted another dog all the while. What a wonderful experience I would have missed out on. And God only knows what kind of fate my baby would have been condemned to.

    MORE hugs.

    They’re like people. You can never replace one. It just gives you another place to put all that love you don’t have anywhere to go with. :-)

  9. hallie Says:

    Oh god I’m so sorry.
    I too have crazy love for the four leggeds.
    And bless you both for actually writing the name DJ Skin tag on a piece of paper.

  10. heidi Says:

    I vote for Tilapia.

  11. Lauren Says:

    I’ve known someone with a cat named Pickles before. . .

  12. JeanMartha Says:

    Pickles isn’t bad, not sure why it’s on there. We had a parakeet in the 70′s named Pickles. My Dad LOVED that bird. He used to let him fly around the house and drink beer out of a bottle cap. He trained him to say “Pickles is a dirty bird”. LOL!!

  13. Lauren Says:

    I think you should add Chuck Norris to the list – just imagine the vet tech coimg out and calling for Chuck Norris. . .

  14. jeanmartha Says:

    Funny you should mention that – the Fiance suggested Walker Texas Ranger.

  15. Gladys Says:

    Suggestion for your scarves. You know those sock separator thingy bobbers that you put in drawers? Yeah those. I use one of those (I got it at Big Lots) and I roll my scarves and put them in that.

    Next I must be a really big dork because I color code my clothes too. I keep my good purses in bags or pillow cases and I have all my shoes color coded and in canvas shoe boxes with pictures of the shoes on the outside of the box. Yeah I’m a total dorkwad.

    Now on to cat names. I had a dog named Booger and a cat named Sonny Beaches. Yeah it was a riot when we went to the vet.

  16. jeanmartha Says:

    Please tell me he was named after Booger from Revenge of the Nerds…

  17. Lauren Says:

    at least these are all pet names, my aunt is a teacher and she once had a student named Placenta. . . yeah, you heard (read) me right, I said “Placenta”

  18. jeanmartha Says:


  19. Riley Says:

    I work for a vet. We have a woman who rescued a female cat who had obviously had many litters.
    She named her “titts”
    P.S. Now spayed and living in a great home.

  20. jeanmartha Says:

    as in “she’s the titts!”. LOL

  21. pigtown*design Says:

    My neoghbour has a cat called Mr. Snugglemuffins {gack!} and took him to the vet. They called Snugglemuffins and she refused to answer because his name is MR. Snugglemuffins. She’s also a recluse.

  22. ~Mad(elyn) in Alabama Says:

    Add the name “Jason Mesnick” (sp?) to the list of bad names – I just finished watching the finale and “after the rose” of this season’s The Bachelor – sheesh!!!!!!
    ~Mad(elyn) in Alabama

  23. Rechelle Says:

    Honey Maple is the best cat name I have ever heard.

  24. Rechelle Says:

    How about Desdemona? Perfect for a show cat.

  25. Why S? Says:

    I’d like to hear the name Bongwater called at the vet’s office. But if I had to choose from your list, I’d vote for Lipitor. What-her-name on The Office just named a cat Princess Lady. But she was no lady.

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