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Sun, Mar 15, 2009

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Thanks for jumping over to my new self-hosted site. Hot damn. It’s about time. I’ve been meaning to do this for like…a year or more. What can I say, I’m a redhead. I work at Auburn-Speed. That is, sometimes lightning fast and other times…well…not so much.

So this is the new joint. Still has lots of fixing & sprucing up to do. Jessie at Story Kraft Kreative is helping me get this place sorted out. If you notice any dead links or old posts without pics, etc. please let me know. Pretty please! Will be adding items to the ‘store’ in the next few days as well. So much to do! So much to do! So exciting! Carp. I think I just piddled.

As promised…my first contest/giveaway/thingamabob on this new self-hosted version…and it’s a biggee! Three sealed/new boxed sets of Beavis & Butt-head (Season 1, 2, and 3) as well as a brand new men’s Pulsar watch. Yep, that watch alone was $135. Tell me this wouldn’t make an awesome gift for that man in your life. You know, that one you nag to help you with dishes n stuff. Him. Or maybe it’s for you. Hell, I love me some Beavis & Butt-head.

So how do you enter? Subscribe to the blog (and it wouldn’t hurt to also drop a comment below and say “hi!”). Simple as that. Subscribe via EMAIL and you’re entered into the contest. A random subscriber will be picked on April 2nd and that person will win the boxed sets AND the watch. The winner is picked from the “Subscriber” list, just to clarify.

US residents only for the contest please. Shipping overseas is a nightmare of epic proportions.

I tested all the Feedburner links and they are working for me on Firefox. Hmm. If you do have a problem, just post a comment below and I’ll put it in manually – you’ll have to approve it once you get the email from Feedburner.

I have a TON of contest/giveaways coming up over the next several weeks for Subscribers so please stick around.


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25 Comments For This Post

  1. Kari Says:

    Looks good! The creamy tan is perfect and looks good on my PC and my Mac. (Yes, I checked it on both.) I like the scalloped frame on your header too. Congratulations.

  2. heidi Says:

    Count me in! New digs look great!
    I tried to subscribe, but got an error msg.

  3. admin Says:

    Crap, really? Hmm. Sigh. OK…on it.

  4. Jane@Beach House Says:

    Feed not enabled. Teething troubles! New look is great though

  5. admin Says:

    Yeah…turns out that having a typo in the url for your Feedburner account phks up the fun. Sigh. I hate being so tech-illiterate. Use this link:

    I also put the link in the body of the post.

  6. admin Says:

    Phew! Feedburner link at top of site fixed. Jessie & her M kicked its butt.

  7. laura @ the shore house Says:

    I dig your new blog home!! Can we have a house warming party? It seems only right.

  8. Barbara H. Says:

    Your link didn’t work for me. Maybe I should have refreshed the page. Then I left out blog in the address – finally found my way here. Looks good!

  9. Jane @ Beach House Says:

    Digging the scalloped edge around the banner

  10. Gladys Says:

    Wow it’s so roomy and bright. Oh and I just love what you’ve done over there. How’s the kitchen look? :)

  11. bungalowbliss Says:

    Ooh, I like! I’ve updated your link on my blogroll…is that the same as subscribing?

    I love the texture and the layers of the background, banner, paperclip and tag/string thingy. So nice!

  12. Sarah Jackson Says:

    oooo, looks excellent! I’ll be sure to subscribe via RSS at home. I’m very future-forward, you know;-)


  13. admin Says:

    Yay! Avatars. I’ll need to find something for the folks that don’t have avatars since the default looks like marshmellow man. LOL

  14. randall meek Says:

    I LOVE the new lay out!!!

  15. kate Says:

    You know when you go to the opera and people in the audience are chortling at the funny parts? Well, that wouldn’t be me, even my sophomores think I’m sophomoric, heh, heh, enter me in the contest.

  16. Laur Says:

    fancy scmancy

  17. Nicole Says:

    Like the new site but my Google Reader does not.

  18. Condo Blues Says:

    I’m toasting your new blog home! Granted it’s with a hot herbal tea, but it’s late and I have work tomorrow.

  19. Laura Says:

    Very nice! You should feel like a proud new mama. I’m having the same problem as Nicole with my good reader though. Off to update your link!

  20. Scherrie Says:

    Your new blog site looks lovely! I have been subscribed to you for the past 6 months. Always enjoy your posts. I’ve got you thru an email subscription now. Had no problem signing up. Good luck with your new venture.

  21. Joann Says:

    Congratulations with the site. I understand “Auburn-Speed.”

  22. Michelle Says:

    I’m subscribed, nice site..loads quick too!

  23. Gina Law (Logan) Says:

    Is there a place I should sign in to be able to subscribe??? I know, I’m a loser!!-the Feedburner did not work. Let me know!!!! I do love the comic look of you!!! Very cute!!

  24. admin Says:

    Jessie’s working on fixing the Feedburner/RSS stuff. Should be back up shortly. I’ll make sure to subscribe you. Feedburner will then send you an email w/ a link to click & confirm.


  25. Aggie Says:

    Another loser question, I use netvibes, so I’m trying to subscribe to Feedburner…So far not working. Besides my eyesight, is there something I’m missing?

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