Vinegar Prison!

Wed, Mar 18, 2009


Tonight we headed to the fancy-schmancy Food Emporium (grocery store) that’s under the 59th Street Bridge. We tried to go to The Conran Shop but they were closing up, Fiance nabbed a catalog.

[How cute is he in his Dad's old suede jacket!?!?]

This grocery store is so pretty and so over the top that it’s completely ridiculous to shop in. It’s not grocery shopping, it’s edutainment or retail-tainment. Whatever buzz word you want to use, that’s it. Here’s a shot from the mezzanine tea shop;

Do you like Vinegar? Do you like $223 Vinegar? Damn. I wonder what that tastes like. I will never know.

And yes, it is locked up behind a glass door. There’s an entire section of over-priced vinegars locked up. Vinegar Prison!

What’d I buy? A bottle of water. Christian Lacroix Evian.

Tasted just like…water.

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  1. Skyesmom Says:

    And how much was that water in the cool bottle?

  2. admin Says:

    4 clams!

  3. Gladys Says:

    I’m such a ditz. i kept waiting for you to update your page and duh…I still have the old link. GEEEZELOUISE sometimes I wonder…

  4. HPH Says:

    Gorgeous bottle! Needs a Stargazer Lily posing in it.

  5. Heather in MT Says:

    ooooo…. shiney…

  6. kate Says:

    This area is a NY ritual for me. Did not know about the mezzanine tea shop, though I do look up a lot to admire the vaulted ceiling. I bought fish there and colorful plastic spoons, and the chocolate sales clerk was nice to us last holiday.

  7. admin Says:

    HPH – I was thinking a berber (sp?) daisy. Fun!

  8. Jane @ Beach House Says:

    I didn’t know about the tea shop either, we usually grab a sandwich to eat in the car home. Gotta love that Lacroix Evian bottle, with or without a gerber daisy

  9. rh Says:

    I always forget Conran’s still exists. I used to live in that store when they were in the Citicorp building.

  10. Jenni Says:

    Just getting back into the groove of things after 5 days of stay-cation /family visit.

    Wow your new site is cool.

  11. Sarah Jackson Says:

    I walk over that Store/Museum a couple of times a month. I don’t feel as bad about all of the candy I eat at edit facilities in Manhattan when I walk back to Queens. Of course, I always stop at my favorite Queens pizza place on my way home. Kinda defeats the purpose.


  12. fwooshy Says:

    goat cheese

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