Tue, Mar 24, 2009

I Love Upstate

My dogs are barking! I didn’t have a business dinner tonight so I went for a walk…for about 5 hours. OK, I admit that I took a short break for some wine & pizza…and gelato…

Mascarpone gelato on the bottom of my dish and the nutella gelato on the top of my dish. Heaven.

I walked so far that I eventually walked right out of Bologna. I was so busy taking pictures of doorknobs (yes, really!) that I wandered too far. Completely lost and there wasn’t a taxi to be had. Finally stopped in another gelato shop (tempted to get another one, but didn’t – where did that willpower come from?) and asked for directions. That’s when I found out that I had walked right out of Bologna. Oops. It was about a 15-20 minute walk to get back into Bologna and about a half hour beyond that to get to the Piazza and find a taxi stand. My feet! Ouchie!

Along the way I found a grocery store and bought coffee, nutella, biscotti and a silly present for the Fiance.

Ouchie. My feet!

Ok, yeah, yeah, yeah gorgeous old buildings…but can we talk about these wellies!??!?!

The shop was closed but I took tons of pics from the windows, everything in this store was simply awesome. It was like Anthropologie on steroids.

Feel free to hate me – I bought a train ticket to Milan today. Holy carp. Milan!

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  1. heidi Says:

    Ok, I hate you. But not for Milan. For that gelato! Keep the pics comin’! xoh

  2. jane @ beach house Says:

    That gelato front and centre, that’s mine.

  3. laura @ the shore house Says:

    OMG…we need to make those wellies! We totally can do it…some fabric scraps and a glue gun! :-)

  4. min hus Says:

    You’re in Italy for work? I’m soooo jealous.

  5. admin Says:

    Min Hus – Me too! It’s a total mind phk. LOL

    Laura – Yeah, totally doable. WAIT till you see the chandelier that I took pics of. OMG. Incredible DIY project.

    Jane – Truly. I need more.

    Heidi – OK, instead of the thai restaurant for dinner, next time we meet up at the gelato place…in Bologna. Hah!

  6. lesley Says:

    is that one gelato called “heaven and hell”?!?!? I want THAT one. lol.

  7. jenni Says:

    I worked tradeshows for 7 years….NEVER…..was I sent to such a beautiful place.
    I really, really wanna hate you. ;) . …..but I won’t as long as you keep sending pics.

  8. Gladys Says:

    I can not say this enough I am GEL ASSED! I love Europe and have been several times but never, not once did I get to go to Italy. It was always Germany and France. Not that those are bad places to go, it’s just I still want to go to Italy…and Spain…and Greece….and….

  9. Nicole Says:

    At your prompting, I’m hating you. Still hating you. Still hating you. Looking at the photos and REALLY hating you.

    Wait — nope. Still hating you.

    OK. I like you again now! :-)

  10. Carol Says:

    Wow…lucky you! Don’t you need a decorative painter to spruce up your booth for the Trade Show??? Well, I guess I will have to just live vicariously through you. Keep the pics coming… and food descriptions! yummmm

  11. Sarah Jackson Says:

    Marscapone and nutella? Please, I would have gone back for fifteenths and sixteenths.

    What about pizza?…Have you sampled the pizza?!


  12. Marilyn Says:

    I am also hating you. Why must you torture your friends and readers so?

    That said, I will take one of each kind of gelato, a pair of those boots, and please keep posting pics.

  13. jenni Says:

    Um….Door knobs?
    I came back for the door knobs…..

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