Italy – DIY Chandelier…

Fri, Mar 27, 2009

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Italy – DIY Chandelier…

On the same street as the shop with the awesome wellies was this store with this incredible chandelier. Totally DIYable! Not sure if these are bookmarks or what, anyone know? Can anyone read the cards?

Back at the store with the awesome wellies were these upcycled chairs made from tin/metal signs and whatnot. They had a table made out of pallets that was so cool, will try to get the picture up soon.

Don’t you just love when the door is soooo big…that there’s a door inside the door? Makes me squeal.

First of many doorknobs…

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  1. Nicole Says:

    They look like old bottle labels. I suspect a few may be liquor. One appears to be medicine of some kind as I see the words “Alchemes” and “farmacia.”

    LOVING the photos. Must pause to hate you again for at least a minute or two. :-)

  2. Jane @ Beach House Says:

    pharmacy labels from olive oil and other medicine bottles

  3. Gladys Says:

    Cool Chandelier. YOu could do that with credit cards. I have enough of them that I could make 4 or 5 chandeliers

  4. jenni Says:

    WOW what a door……
    and knob.

  5. laura @ the shorehouse. Says:

    I, too, must pause to hate you for a minute or two. ;-)

    That door incredible. And how’s about making that chandelier with MetroCards? Fabulous!

    I am SO coming with you next time…

  6. admin Says:

    Not a problem, my company is pretty liberal about allowing castaways on business trips.

  7. Maryam in Marrakech Says:

    OMG love those chairs and now I totally want to make my own DIY chandelier. Trying to figure out what to make it with.

  8. Shelley Says:

    Love those chairs but that that door! Squeal worthy!! Why can’t the doors and knobs over here be that grand??? They are so beautiful.

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