Home. At. Last.

Home. At. Last.

We’re Home! We were gone for something like 10 days driving from Palm Beach back to NY. I took over 200 pictures and am completely overwhelmed by them. Too much to catalog, some other day (or not!). Two nifty things I saw on my travels that I’d like to try and make in the coming weeks:

These Tasha headbands/hair clips at Nordstrom. Gorgeous, right? Expensive.

I bought some thick bobby pins at Target and will try to make my own using vintage pins. Hoping this will be an easy (and cute!) project.

This tie wreath. Do you love it!?!? Super Fun.

I’ll be on the look out at my favorite junko stores for a wreath to use as a frame. Lord knows I’ve got enough ties sitting around this joint!

Miss Penny was good for her sitter, but man did she GROW in 10 days. She’s quite the jumper now.


I pulled out my glue gun, some pins and military buttons and made some hair accessories. I had to clip off and flatten the backs of the buttons. If you do this, WEAR SAFETY GOGGLES – the backs tend to fly.

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  1. Skyesmom Says:

    Those are fantastic! What kind of glue did you use and how long does it take to dry?

  2. Jean Martha Says:

    I used a $2 glue gun and they took less than 3 minutes to dry. Super fast & easy.

  3. Jamie, Dammit Says:


  4. Jane @ Beach House Says:

    Cute and inventive! (How come you get to do crafty things while I’m up to my elbows in stone dust?)

  5. Jean Martha Says:

    Cause you have a husband who will do renovations!

  6. laura @ the shorehouse Says:

    That’s a fabulous project for the pin I found on the street when I was with you! “And then Laura and Jean Martha found junque on the street. The end.” :-) I spray painted it black…it’s pretty bad ass now…and I’m thinking a head band is in order…

    Welcome home!!

  7. Mrs. Blandings Says:

    I like blog posts with disclaimers! I bought a (expensive) Kate Spade bobby pin a couple of years ago. Gold bobby pin, shell, glue. Little gold paint to jazz up the shell. You could make 50 in about ten minutes.

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