Slow Down You Crazy Child.

Slow Down You Crazy Child.

You move much too fast. Or something like that. Go ahead, sing the Billy Joel tune “Vienna”. I’ll wait. Here, I’ll even start you off…

Slow down you crazy child
You’re so ambitious for a juvenile
But then if you’re so smart tell me why
Are you still so afraid?
Where’s the fire, what’s the hurry about?
You better cool it off before you burn it out
You got so much to do and only
So many hours in a day

I have so many projects near completion that it’s making me…antsy. I just need some time (tools, patience and know-how) to complete them. Grrr. Everything is numbered below for no reason other than my brain is malfunctioning at the moment.

1. The coffee table for the yard. FINALLY had a few hours without rain. Very early Saturday morning I hopped out into the yard and wiped the dew off the table and primed and painted the brat. Now, I just need to time to get 2 more pads for the top and…a top.

2. My brother-in-law assessed the birdcage chandelier and had a better idea for wiring it. Requires another trip to Home Depot. Ugh. I had already been there. Just didn’t have time (or patience) for a second trip to the big box in one weekend. So that’s on hold till probably next weekend.

3. Washed the slipcovers for the living room but couldn’t fit them in the car on the way home since I was SUPPOSED to be picking up a rad old sewing machine & cabinet in Nyack on Sunday. Even swapped cars with Mom for the week since hers has a hatchback. I called the lady in Nyack 4 times. No response. Grrr.

4. Did 3 loads of laundry (new fabrics) this weekend and forgot to put soap in 2 of the loads. Seriously, am multi-tasking too much. Good thing I don’t have kids.

5. Carpeting. The guest bedroom smells like cat litter swill (my sisters cats, my Mom’s cats…). We’ve tried to de-funk the room many times even hiring professionals twice. Nothing worked. I picked out awesome plaid carpeting but given the pattern (you have to buy excess to match the pattern) it was incredibly expensive. Picked out less awesome fabric (without pattern) this weekend. Hoping it gets installed sooner rather than later.

6. Around noon on Saturday we picked up our friend Jamie and her dog Maisy to head upstate. Fiance had a reading/signing of his book at Barnes & Nobles in Poughkeepsie this weekend. We have no idea why they put him in the Manga section but it was heaps of fun and I met a really nice lady from Pittsburgh. Hope she calls me, there’s a sewing machine out there I really want to buy and she drives back & forth from Pittsburgh to the Hudson Valley routinely. Fingers crossed! Fiance read from his book…and then did a dramatic reading of some random vampire title. Just cause.

7. Junk store…picked up a few fun items at my favorite junk store this weekend; Fabric samples, crewel yarn, two super fun hangers, rick rack, old clothing nametags (no clue what I’ll do with them, funky ribbon?) and aĀ groovy kelly green file tote.

8. Mom showed me a new junk store in the hood…but it was closed. I pressed my nose against the window to check out their stuff. Of course, right up front…sewing machine in a cabinet. Closed! Sigh. Hopefully will get to check it out next weekend.

9. I have a bunch of quilts & pillows that are in development. I hung them from the top of the curtains so that they would be flat and the cats couldn’t get to them. I was wrong. Windowsill access is just perfect for attacking string.

My one true start to finish accomplishment this weekend was that I fixed the bathroom sink. Well, at least our hands are clean now…

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  1. Gladys Says:

    Wow you were busy. All I got done was a load of laundry and lots of beach time. It was 101 at home so we traversed the 21 miles over the hills to hit the beach where it was overcast and a nice 71 degrees.

  2. Jenni in KS Says:

    That birdcage chandelier does look simple to make, and I bet you could make it even better. I love the pieces in that linked post! Especially the little chest with the bird decoupaged on top!

  3. Gina Says:

    If you end up in Nyack and are hungry for breakfast/lunch – feel free to stop by…
    There is always room for a favorite blogger at the table :)

  4. Jean Martha Says:


  5. Condo Blues Says:

    Penny really likes fabric doesn’t she? You should put her to work.

    Kitty love!

  6. Judy Says:

    Thanks for giving me my word of the day. Manga, wikipedia told me all. I guess our bookstores here in Maine are too small to have had a manga section. But now I know what manga is all about. See how far reaching your blog is getting to be!

  7. Marilyn Says:

    The kitten porn is unbelievable, really. Perhaps a calendar is in the works?

  8. Queen of the Click Says:

    Your blog is awesome and I love seeing all of your projects.

    I also love your kitties.

  9. laura @ the shore house Says:

    I’m exhausted just reading this…

  10. Jamie, dammit! Says:

    Wait til you see what I did with the note cards you found for me at “the barn”!

    You really didn’t put soap in some of those loads? Must have been the cat food in the coffee!!

    I have been thinking about why Cheese was trying to fit himself into Maisy’s bag… he is into masochistic relationships and he enjoyed Maisy growling at him every time he tried to play with her.

    Sam’s Manga reading was CLASSIC… one for the ages!

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