He’s Just A Touch…Odd.

Sat, Jul 25, 2009


He’s Just A Touch…Odd.

I love Tucker. Truly. I do. He’s hysterically funny. But…there’s just something so odd about it him.

Even when he’s just cuddling with Penny (hello, is he her *wrap*?) he gets this weird look on his face.

Sitting in the chair by himself, he looks like a little old man. I can’t help but giggle.

Other times, he just looks a bit…menacing.

My Mac (and everything else in this house) is now covered in little kitty teeth marks. He also licks…everything.

Should I be concerned that he’s just gonna *get me* one night while I’m sleeping? Yikes. That’s the look of a cold-blooded killer.

He refuses to cuddle and will not sit on your lap. If you pick him up he whines really loud as though he’s being squeezed. He’s the oddest cat I’ve ever met.

Did I mention that he prances?

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  1. pam Says:

    He’s got the coolest face of any cat I’ve ever seen. In the third pic he looks like he’s saying ‘I’m Batman.’

  2. Jean Martha Says:

    LOL I thought that too! Perhaps he’s not menacing…maybe he’s a misunderstood Superhero? Oh gee, I’m gonna have to look into this…

  3. Tucker Says:

    Jean Martha, You are not allowed to post my pictures or tell stories about me without my permission. Odd you say? Well, should I tell them about the time you… hmm, maybe not. Afterall, you are the one that feeds me.
    Didn’t know I could type even though I have no thumbs, did ya?



  4. Kiki Says:

    This cracks me up! We have a Tucker dog and he’s a bit odd also. (And he prances, too.) Maybe it comes with the name? In the picture where he’s on his back, it looks like he’s expecting you to stand over him and feed him grapes from the vine.

  5. Jean Martha Says:

    Kiki – He is, I assure you he is…

    Tucker – Where did you put my iphone!?!

  6. Linda from ::Surroundings:: Says:

    Not being a cat person, I have to say that you just described my worst cat nightmare. Those eyes! Sleep with yours open, is all I’m sayin’.

  7. Ma Says:

    Sarah’s cat is a little odd too, was playing peekaboo with Maddy.

  8. Michele Says:

    We rescued 5 baby kittens that a feral mom left as a gift to the husband and I. We kept 2 of them, it took the male almost 2 years before he would sit in our laps. Tucker will come around when he is ready. I do however have to laugh because cats are so different than dogs and this is just one of those examples of how they differ.

  9. Hana Says:

    De-lurking. Love all your posts on your cats but this is my favorite. And Penny looks like the long-lost sibling of my cat Dexter. Now wondering whether we should get a kitten for him too ….

  10. Why S Says:

    Our Kitten also refused cuddling early in life. But now that’s she’s 3, she’s a little more acquiescent. Tucker does seem very serious for his age and species. Maybe he’s a spirit come from the other side to watch over you.

  11. Joanne Says:

    Tucker is the cutest little guy. Love the updates, and I love that first picture; our Seamus gets the exact same look on his face when he’s zoning out.

    I’m learning just how different boy kitties are from girl kitties. Our boy is sneaky–we’re always wondering what’s going on in that head of his; he’s far too independent and refuses to cuddle except on his terms. But he’s the biggest clown, and we adore him. His sister is super social and always wants to hang with us; we call her our old soul, because there’s a strange knowing in her eyes. Hard to believe they’re from the same litter.

    I do think that little nose of Tucker’s is the sweetest. Give it a kiss for me.

  12. Nicole Says:

    tucker sounds a lot like our toby. we’ve never had a cat like him. he’s being especially weird with a new kitty in the house — and for him, that’s saying a lot.

    he’s adorable though.

  13. Jean Martha Says:

    Tucker is half Siamese…so that definitely mixes in a healthy does of *odd*. I need to measure his tail, it’s the longest cat tail I’ve EVER seen in comparison to his body length. It’s sooooo long he can actually catch it when he’s playing “twirl & catch my tail”.

  14. Jenni Says:

    Tucker has the face of an egyptian sculpture of a cat.

  15. Barbara H. Says:

    Are his ears really as large as they look in the photos? If so, he might turn out to be a really big guy! Especially love the cat stuff.

  16. martina Says:

    He’s so amazed that he ended up with such great parents and a cozy home, after being homeless. As for the licking thing, maybe he was taken away from his cat mom a bit early? Our cat Pesto was really into electrics as a kitten. Never hurt herself but I had to learn how to rewire stereos, lamps, etc…

  17. lsaspacey Says:

    After reading what you wrote and looking at the pictures, I think you should have given him an old timey gangster name like Dillinger or Capone. With his perma-tuxedo and his prancing that time period just seems perfect for him.

  18. krisztian Says:

    Tucker is cool! Our cat, Filko is a black and white aw well pretty similar look to Tucker. In his 4th year he has been a real joy to be around so far. Can’t help loving them…

  19. Erin Says:

    I enjoy Tucker’s quirky good looks. It means he has a personality. A cat void of personality would just be so boring. However, I do suggest that Penny watches her back. I think Tucker has it in for her.

  20. laura @ the shore house Says:

    My vote is for “misunderstood Superhero.” :-)

  21. Shelley Says:

    I think Tucker has some Mau in him, his ears give that away. I adore his look, what a cool cat…ha, no pun intended.

  22. Stephanie Says:

    I think he’s autistic.

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