She Shoots! She Scores!

She Shoots! She Scores!

And the crowd goes wild!!

Or, umm, not. If you’re a fan of Cathrineholm you’ll understand. I scored not one but TWO pieces this weekend at two different Salvation Army locations. I made that small little gerbil-like squeal that one makes when they find a treasure but wants to keep it on the *down low*.  So very excited! Look around your Grandmother’s house, if she has any of this enamelware with lotus leaf stuff, toss it in your purse and mail it to me! Kidding.

Check out the Flickr group. Gorgeous.

I also managed to find a large glass dome. I have been wanting one of these since, well…


Since I saw the one Ozzy Osborne had on his reality show.

He had an enormous glass dome covering his plate of cheese and I swooned (for the dome!).

The nightstand is killing me. The paint on the top is not smooth and lacquer-like. It’s actually kinda rough and matte. Sigh. Whatever. Uncle! I put a stencil on it and painted a sparrow. Later I dotted it with gold metallic paint to make it look a little aged and worn. The gold flecks on the bird and the drawer handle make it look like it was meant to hang with the Draper dresser. Need to get a glass top for this.

I finished stabilizing the Dorothy Draper (real/faux) dresser and spot painted some of the rougher spots. Slowly putting stuff in there. I want to make large color photocopies of the Draper fabric to line the interior and of course a glass topper.

What did you do this weekend? Any great scores or discoveries?

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  1. Jean Martha Says:

    Argh, script screwed up on post. Trying to fix it.

  2. Diana Says:

    This weekend–shot in Baltimore yesterday. Second day in same location, and we STILL haven’t shot everything. UGH. This place is HUGE! Although the shoot did go well.
    Last night, too tired to even think, so I enjoyed two more episodes of Pushing Daisies, Season 2. I love that show. Why was it cancelled? I hate whoever made that decision.
    Today–making sopes (Mexican food), rice, salsa, guac, the works for your favorite editor and her family, who are coming over for lunch. Cleaning out my house and getting ready for my own garage sale next weekend (you should come!).
    Then next Sunday, off to Cleveland to visit my sister and mom, who is down (up, over?) from San Diego for the birth of sister’s baby numero dos. There for about a week, and then more shooting in Baltimore the weekend after that.
    Dang, I’m telling you my whole life story. … lol
    You amaze me with the things you find. I wish I had that luck, but knowing my love of getting rid of things, I’d probably just trash it later on down the road.
    If you ever need someone to clean out your house, I’m the Mexican to call. ;)
    sending you and the fiance hugs!

  3. drwende Says:

    LOVE the “small gerbil-like squeal” phrase — that’s exactly what the sound is.

    My weekend is being spent with cookbooks.

  4. Hana Says:


  5. Brenda Kula Says:

    Yeah, sure did! Today I’m staying in (rainy anyway) so as not to spend any more!

  6. Jane @ Beach House Says:

    Pool, pool, pool (splashing not striking balls with cues), soothing bug bites, mourning tomato plant carnage (T-storm), fixing outside faucet. No small rodent squeals at all…

  7. Jean Martha Says:

    My garden is a failure this year. I’ve got maybe 8 tomatoes out there, too slowly ripening…that from 12 plants. I do however have 3 zucchini growing, was excited to see them.

  8. LuAnn Says:

    I finished painting my daughter’s bed. I’ll put the tinted glaze on today and it’s finished. I also discovered that my dog may be eating my tomatoes. I couldn’t figure out why they weren’t ripening. They are, he’s eating them. He’s also eating our raspberries. The dog rescue didn’t mention that he’s a vegetarian!

  9. Jenni Says:

    Yardsales, shop, lunch, shower, meeting, dinner, starbuck and chat with friend, sleep, strip table, water garden, cause ya’ll are getting all the rain, nap, strip table some more, blt for supper, a bit of TV sleep, and dang it, it is Monday already.

  10. Joanne Says:

    We have a lotus leaf bowl! We use it for everything from popcorn to mixing dough:

  11. Jean Martha Says:

    Joanne: Awesome and it matches my stuff. I’ll email you my address…LOL

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