Button Carnival?

Button Carnival?

I started more bags last night. I’m up to about 20 bags minus 2. Why minus 2? I brought some to the office to work on during lunch/conference calls and 2 co-workers each nabbed 1. What can I say? They squealed. I caved. LOL

 Here’s Lynsey sporting her fancy new bag…

The bags I started last night feature blue ticking-like material that I picked up in LA, some orange quilting fabric and a provence-style pattern from a cotton napkin I nabbed a long time ago at Sally’s. So deeply happy with this color palette!

Of course when I pulled all the fabric out, Penny felt the overwhelming need to flop on them. Apparently she’s read Talas’ notes about proper fabric testing.

Buttons. Late yesterday I remembered the tin of buttons I had bought at the flea market in Pennsylvania. There was a button party! Jubilee? Revival? Extravaganza? OK, fine, I’ll let it go.

I kinda fell hard for the big plastic buttons. Red! Green! Yellow! Yay! Of course, anything that’s tortoiseshell or pearlescent is fair game too.

The buttonholer is still being problematic, I might hit one of the local shops and rent some time on a better machine to just plow through all the holes.

Next up? I need to start work on some masculine-looking bags. Navy blue and plaid? What will men use them for? I’m thinking *license & registration*. Hah!

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  1. jenni Says:

    Oooooh. The orange fabric is FAB!

  2. Marilyn Says:

    Yes, orange fabric my favorite, too. And the buttons! I could look at them all day. I think you’ve hit yet another perfectly craptastic medium. Those bags are so, so pretty.

  3. Betsy R Says:

    Great work – loving the bags! I can see my husband using one to sort camera items in his pack. Depending on the lining, could also be something to hold toiletries when traveling. Maps maybe??? You might have to prod the men along a little. They may be at a loss to see the functionality without help! And there’s always the popular “regifting”! Very eco-friendly to use them again as gift bags for someone else. I’ll bet little boys would love them for special rocks and other great outdoor finds, lol!

  4. BlonDee Says:

    I have a XL tin full of old buttons, some passed on from my grandmother and mother, others collected from estate sales. I love buttons!

  5. Chantry Says:

    i love love love them. i gotta get back to the sewer.

  6. Condo Blues Says:

    If your buttonholer is still wonky, why don’t you cheat and change the design? Instead of making a buttonhole in the flap itself, you could sew a loop of ribbon in the seam at the point of the flap and use that as a buttonhole. You’ll have to sew the button a little lower than you originally designed but at least you won’t have to rip out a bunch of button holes and you can finish the project at home instead of renting time on a machine.

  7. kate Says:

    I saw the cutes bouquets made of artificial nosegays with the flowers replaced with assemblages of vintage buttons.

  8. Nicole Says:

    OMg, what a cool project. LOVE them!

    And you know what? When you were talking about how Penny kept flopping on the material, all I could think was: She’s channeling Tal!

  9. Jane @ Beach House Says:

    Press studs on the inside flap and a faux button out?

  10. Jean Martha Says:

    Appreciate all the suggestions but I am deadset on buttonholes. I’m stubborn that way. LOL

  11. Betsy R Says:

    Brother sewing machines has a tech support line – 1-877-BROTHER. Who knows, your issue might be one they’ve heard a million times…

  12. Jean Martha Says:

    Thanks, Betsy!!

  13. laura @ the shore house Says:

    You are on FIRE! I bought a florally tablecloth at a tag sale this weekend that will be sacrificed to the tote bag gods for the exact same gift giving purpose as you (although, mine may BE the gift, lol!). But yours are purtier than totes…maybe I need to expand my repertoire.

  14. Nadine at BDG Says:

    I want to run my fingers through your buttons– ok that sounds nuts, but seriously, I spend many hours sorting and studying my grandmother’s button collection.

  15. Heather Says:

    Hi! I’m visiting from Laura’s website, Shorehouse (Chic) and I just absolutely *love* your fabulous bags! I’ve been making tote bags recently, but I think I’m going to give these jobbers a try (and hope that the button-hole thingamagig on my machine doesn’t act up– I haven’t used it in years!) I’m not even going to discuss the buttons– I would kill for a tray full of buttons like that! ;)

  16. pam Says:

    I had a bit of an episode when I saw the bowl-o-buttons.

  17. Gladys Says:

    Those are too cute. You could put a some braided cord on them and have a little handle. I love those. I wish I were not craft challenged.

  18. magpie Says:

    Love the buttons. And the bags.

  19. stephanita Says:

    Love love, Buttons & bags, great!

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