Raul, World’s Bestest.

Raul, World’s Bestest.

Have you met Raul?

He’s the world’s best handyman. Really, world’s best. Adore this man and would be lost without him. I mentioned him once on Apartment Therapy and was bombarded with requests for his number. Really, he’s that awesome. Raul was over today helping me right a bunch of wrongs.

Broken dishwasher. Boom. Fixed. Now I know how to fix the OTHER broken dishwasher. Yes, I have a collection of broken dishwashers…don’t ask.

Rehung the projector. Yay, movies on the big screen!

Installed the chandeliers I spray painted black in my home office. Goodbye fug nip light.

Installed the chandelier I found in Sally’s (for $20!) a few months ago in our super tiny dining room/nook.

Carried out the old tv. Goodbye Bertha!

Fixed the vacuum cleaner.

Chopped out a sample of our living room ceiling so we can test it before we rip the Mutha out.

Want to see the chandelier that was super-fug brass and is now black and rockin’?

I need to pick up more of the groovy round bulbs this weekend, I only had 4. Oops. Also, can’t wait to drape something ghoulish from this light at Halloween.

The $20 wonder from the Salvation Army? There she is…

I was literally squealing when Raul was done. Am so in love with the scale of the fixture – perfect for the dining room/nook. Especially love the way the light hits the ceiling. I need to get up there and spot paint around both fixtures and fix some of the black paint that was nicked off while it sat in the garage waiting for Raul…but not tomorrow. Tomorrow is for flea marketing!

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  1. Delia Says:

    Does Raul make long-distance house calls? Sigh. Light fixture looks great in its new home. Excellent find!

  2. dahlila Says:

    That is AMAZING. $20?! The thrifty goddess was with you that day. Very cool.

  3. Hana Says:

    That is a good-looking chandelier.

  4. Jenni in KS Says:

    Ahhhh, “Sally’s” is Salvation Army. I’ve been wondering about this place. The light fixtures look great!

  5. Nicole Says:

    Awesome!I’m equally overjoyed to know that others really DO have a Lawrence (my personal pick for world’s bestest handyman). Refreshing to know that others like him even exist!

    EVERYONE should have a Lawrence. Everyone.

  6. Jane @ Beach House Says:

    Save the ceiling paint and get a ceiling rose, spray paint it a groovy color, it’ll look even more awesome

  7. Gina Says:

    I need him at my house – pronto….
    Contact info?

    P.S. the light fixture looks amazing…wish I was as handy as you!

  8. Hana Says:

    Erm, I think I just made a deal with you – your chandelier for the egrets? I really covet it…

  9. Anna at double bathroom vanities Says:

    Wow all of that in one day??? he must be really that good!!! Not unlike some ppl i get to work with, when they call me to ask how to install a faucet (mind you they are long time “contractors”) hehe
    anyways, i love the look of the second light fixture, the light hits the ceiling in a pretty fashion and i love a little sparkle!

  10. swimming pools girl Says:

    The “$20 wonder from the Salvation Army’ is sure impressive. The design is so unique and catchy at the same time. Great find.

  11. Gesine Says:

    What type of paint did you use for the chandelier? Have fugalicious brass lighting too. Love the black.

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