Mom’s Quilt

Mom’s Quilt

I finished Mom’s quilt the day before Christmas. Close one! I started this back in June but got sidetracked by 5 million other projects. Phew! Done in the nick of time. This is my 2nd quilt. The first one was a small baby quilt for Maddy last Christmas. Who will be next year’s victim?

Apologies for the *hot flash*…

The yellow fabric around the sides is from my trip to Paris in October with Laura.

I used masking tape to mark my sewing lines. It’s simplistic – but I’m still new to the game.

As usual, Penny & Tucker helped!

It has a gingham silk backing which you might remember from this post. Gotta love those Calico Corners sales!

Anyhoo…all done and I think Mom loved it. I gave it a test run the other night while watching Doc Hollywood on tv. Super warm and snugly.

Tomorrow? We bake famous cookies!

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  1. Mrs. Blandings Says:

    I’m sure she was thrilled – an amazing gift.

  2. Emily Says:

    What a beautiful quilt! I love it.

  3. jenni Says:

    GREAT colors!

  4. laura @ the shorehouse Says:

    FABULOUS! And I love the olive fabric as quilt (can you hear the little gears in my brain churning from where you are?). Did you use interfacing to get your squares to line up as well as they do? I made another baby quilt this weekend — each square is the exact same size (cut me a cutting board and rotary trimmer) and still they don’t line up. I’m sure it’s the seam allowance…which I need to start actually paying attention to.

    You are inspiring me!!

  5. Jean Martha Says:

    Laurs – Yeah, it’s all about the fusible backing!

  6. heidi Says:

    Beautiful!!!!!!!!! xoh
    p.s…i’m sure the seams are so straight because Penny is in charge of Quality Control.

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