How Much Do We Love Matt The Contractor!?!?

Wed, Nov 21, 2007


Matt did a perfect match on the wainscotting that was missing in the dining room. Here’s some new (early) pics of the countertop as well. Yay! Super-Fug green faux-marble shit-tastic countertops are GONE-Baby-GONE.

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  1. Jenne Says:

    The countertops look gorgeous!

  2. goddessof4 Says:

    Looking good!!!!!

  3. priscilla Says:

    I love Matt. He sounds like a contractor who listens.

  4. Says:

    Exactly! Not only does he listen, but he makes valid suggestions. Turns out he’s an artist who became a contractor – hence his attention to detail.

  5. april Says:

    I want your wainscotting!

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