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Thu, Nov 29, 2007


I hadn’t been on in a few weeks and was happily surprised this morning to see lots of new items…and pretty honkin’ stylish offerings too! Check out that Dorothy Draper-like cocktail table!! It’s got an asian bent with the reed-ish top but otherwise, Draper-city. I started looking at benches & settees instead of the corner seating for the breakfast nook, but not really feeling it. Did I mention that I was considering moving the washer/dryer totally OUT of that area (it’s so nice now, shame to junk it up with big metal white machines, yanno?). Not sure where to put the machines, maybe I can move a wall near the boiler and get them out in the mudroom/boiler area. Who knows. Just a thought. Moving along…these settees are cute, but to formal for me. That said, my Mom’s cat “Andy” may enjoy them, he’s a big theatre-goer and enjoys formalwear and showtunes. We do love that gay cat to no end!! Seriously, Mom’s cat is gayer than Liberace. Oh wait, Liberace wasn’t gay, right? OK, moving on (again…) also digging these funky chairs, especially the mid-century-ish one on the bottom left. The slipper chairs are just pure fun with the big pom pom flowers.

Jeeves, next slide, sil vous plait!

OK, so here’s a groovy black & white slipper chair and a chaise. There’s also a nice black & white couch on that has David Hicks-like fabric. Whudda thunk it?!?! Acrylic nesting tables, always a popular favorite…$139. So here’s my problem, see that white dining room set? TOO MUCH WHITE. But, I love the form of the table. I love that it’s ROUND and that the sides fold down to make it SQUARE and that is has shelving under it. But, I hate that’s it painted. Party-Friggen-Pooper. I want this table but in unpainted wood. No, I don’t want to paint it another color. Insert “pitch fit” here.

I must go pout now, scuse me.

Look what I found on for $229. SOLD OUT. Well, at least I know it’s “out there” now. Time to scrounge.

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  1. becoming-home Says:

    I love that black and white chair!!

    Also wanted to say its $1 shipping weekend at overstock, case anyone was tempted :)

    Hey, blogger is making me use a blogger sign in instead of my normal one.?

  2. Says:

    If you sign up with ebates (see link in my “links” section) you can make money BACK when buying stuff on overstock (they pay you back the referral fee).

    By the way…check out this month’s House & Garden (Aerin Lauder on cover). Her bedroom is black & white brocade – thought you’d dig it.

  3. Says:

    I’m kinda not digging that table I like…in the wood. It looks cheap (and yes, it is). Could I be any more picky!?!?

  4. Anonymous Says:

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