My Pottery Barn Office

My Pottery Barn Office

I’ve been frantically renovating my home office. I work better when I’m surrounded by things that make me happy. That’s a no-brainer, right? I also hired a part-time assistant who has been helping me get a bunch of new things off the ground (more on that at a later date). He needed work space, I needed more storage/filing space.

I’ve always loved Pottery Barn’s office furniture line but it was a bit out of my budget. Besides, you know I’m an outlet/flea market kind of girl. Eventually I’d find it, right? As if heaven itself was shining down on me, the Pottery Barn Outlet had 2 of their wonderful Bedford file cabinets on the floor. Not only were they discounted, they were on clearance for an additional 30% off. I scooped them up. This is exactly why I insisted that we buy a hatchback.

desk 018

Unfortunately they didn’t have the matching top for the desk so I improvised with a white mdf top from Home Depot. I added ribbon and upholstery tacks to the trim too.

desk 016

The awesome brass shelving is from the Brimfield antiques market. I scored the set of 4 for $30 back in May. Plank of wood from Home Depot cut down to size, gold tone screws, VOILA.

desk 019

Rough breakdown of expenses:

Pottery Barn File Cabinets $83 each = $166
Upholstery tacks = $4
White mdf top = $27
Wood for shelves = $12
Brass shelves = $30
Gold tone screws = $3
Steelcase chair (purchased a few years ago) = $50
Chair fabric (I recovered) = $1 from a bargain bin
TOTAL: $293

I still have a bunch of detail work to do. There’s a picture hanger up on the wall, the ribbon trim needs to be spot-glued in a few areas, the file cabinets need to be labeled, and I need to hang 2 paintings.

desk 023

The devil is in the details.

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5 Comments For This Post

  1. RH Says:

    I’m so jealous of your brass bracket score right now.

  2. Jean Martha Says:

    The seller had more. I regret not buying more of them!

  3. laura @ the shorehouse Says:

    Love!! Though I’m sad you didn’t give a shout out to that fabulous electric pencil sharpener. ;-)

  4. Jane @ Beach House Says:

    Love it, especially the brackets & book placement. Can I persuade you to maybe whitewash the shelves?

  5. Jean Martha Says:

    Jane – That’s definitely on the to do list for Spring. I don’t have a garage at this apartment and I hate painting inside. Stinkarooney!

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