I Brake For Yard Sales

Fri, May 4, 2012

Flea Market Finds, Gardening

I Brake For Yard Sales

It’s no secret that I work in publishing and I eat books. OK, I don’t really eat them but I sure go through books at a fast rate. I get a lot of books about how to restore/hunt vintage items from publishers. Many of them seem uninspired to me and have the same 20 projects over and over again.



Lara Spencer’s I Brake For Yard Sales book is super fun. Not only does it include prices and projects, but it has a ton of great photos and real world tips. There are some really inspiring projects in this book and great information about solid designers of yore.

Since we’re in the midst of packing/moving, I’m not in the market to buy anything, in fact I’m getting rid of a ton of stuff. That said, I still have the overwhelming itch to reinvent objects. I saw a picture in the book of an old silver plate ice bucket that Lara had dumped an orchid in. I’ve got a big tarnished old vase that’s missing major bits of silver plate…but I still love it. I’ve also got an Aloe plant that is in desperate need of a new (bigger) home. Eureka. A quick project that will satisfy my itch.


Zip. A quick polish. Zip. A bit more dirt. Zip. Plop the plant in its new home.


In other news, I harvested a lemon from my lemon tree!


What did I do with it? I made a cake.

A Boston Cream Banana Cake Pie.

I’m from Massachusetts and I’m bananas, this seemed like a perfect conclusion.


Sure that ganache is really heavy…but some days, you need the heavy ganache, KWIM?


Back to packing and sorting, I’m really gonna miss Mister & Missus Dove.


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  1. Wyngrrrl Says:

    Yuu should take them with you. Just saying.

  2. Barbara H. Says:

    So what’s the new place like? The aloe in the silver vase – perfection!

  3. Jean Martha Says:

    The new place doesn’t exist yet. We’re still looking. NYC is an odd place to move within. If we’re renting, we need to do paperwork and then move in within 2 weeks (we’re not ready). If we decide to buy (a real possibility) then we have to pre-finance, find a place, go for an interview with the board of the building, etc. It’s much quicker than buying a house-house but way different.

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