Ebay’s TOS is a POS

Tue, May 8, 2012

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Ebay’s TOS is a POS

This is a rant but it’s not without merit. As I’ve mentioned, we’re in the midst of packing/moving. With that comes the selling of many items (I’ve also donated a TON of stuff). I’ve been selling on Ebay for more than 12 years. I have 2 accounts. I’ve noticed over the last few months that the tone has changed…dramatically. A lot of fraud and just plain BAD MANNERS. Unfortunately Ebay‘s TOS and Customer Service department seem to always rule in favor of the BUYER and almost never in favor of the SELLER even when the fraud and harassment is in black and white.

To say this is a downer is a total understatement. Frankly, I’ve started to lose faith in humanity. Also, I’m really starting to question how little common sense there is in the world.

I sold a book on Ebay. I shipped it. USPS determined that the buyer’s address was not valid and returned it to my mail box. The buyer then went on a hysterical multi-message tear about how I was trying to rip him off and he said that I shipped the book to MYSELF and that I likely traveled from NY to NJ to plan this caper. Really? Really? REALLY? It was a $20 book, we are not talking about a signed Warhol here. I refunded all his money including shipping just because I wanted him to go away.  I later learned that he was selling the same book at higher prices on Ebay. I smell fraud…on his side. Ebay didn’t see it that way. SEVEN PHONE CALLS. His libel feedback remains on my rating.

Then there’s the Star Wars dork. Oh dear Lord. First he said that I covered all the items with BROWN GOO. Umm, what? It’s possible that something terrible happened in the course of transit but I can assure the world, my molasses is only used for cookies and pumpkin pie. Later, he said that the sponge in Yoda’s hut wasn’t “spongy enough”. It’s a 30 year old sponge. Even Seinfeld would say this guy isn’t sponge-worthy. He demanded a 50% refund. I balked. I knew he was just trying to fleece me and he had started the conversation with accusations. That NEVER works with me. He had already changed his story twice.  Though the item was sold as NON-RETURNABLE, Ebay took the money out of my account and refunded him. They instructed him to ship everything back to me. He didn’t. And, he left nasty feedback stating that my manner of packaging the item wasn’t good (but nothing broke?) – yet a 3rd change of story.

Most recently I sold an old Prada handbag. The terms of my sale clearly state that the bag will be shipped within 5 business days. On day 2 the buyer asked me for tracking information. I explained that the item had not shipped yet and that due to a death in the family I would need the full 5 business days. OH MY GOD. He proceeded to give me a talking to about being a bad business person and that a funeral was essentially no excuse for not shipping the bag immediately. Apparently I was supposed to get in my car, drive 300 miles and get his bag shipped because he HAD to have it on Wednesday or else. Then he told me I was “a ass”. Of course, I corrected his grammar. AN ASS. Good Lord, if you’re going to insult me, don’t sound like a total jackass.

Last week I was in a large multi-dealer showroom and I bought that awesome French casserole that’s pictured up above with the intent on reselling it. Several dealers were sitting around talking to the store owner. I totally eavesdropped. They were talking about the growing number of buyers on Ebay who purchase mint/near mint items and then demand that there is a major flaw, get a refund, and then ship a SIMILAR item back but not the original item. They decided as a group that the store would stop selling on Ebay as of 6/1.

Terrible. I mean, have you seen THIS.

I’ve called Ebay many times. I always get outsourced to India and the rep. never takes good notes. I’ve noticed that my records are substantially better than theirs. I offered them pictures on multiple occasions. Last week Ebay emailed me and said I had never offered pictures.

Please remind me that there are indeed good people out there…cause I’m starting to think the idiots are winning.


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  1. Laurendy Says:

    There are good people out there, I swear! I don’t know too many of them, but they’re out there. . .

    I’ve never done the eBay thing because the jaws of life couldn’t get my wallet open, but my old roommate loved her some eBay, and as far as I know she never had a bad experience (but she mostly ordered glitter platform heels and blue wigs from Japan). . . on the other hand I know a friend of a friend of a friend’s brother who has an eBay rule he likes to brag about – if the package doesn’t come tracked, then it got lost in the mail. . . he’s an ass (see, I used an “an”)

  2. Bdaiss Says:

    Oh good grief. Wha the hell is humanity coming to?!? I literally gasped when I saw that violin photo! I don’t sell, but I have bought on eBay. I used their protection when an item didn’t show up once (a signed Stephen King poster) but I gave the seller almost a month before I asked for a return on my money. I can’t imagine purposefully trying to rip someone off. But then I have this annoying thing called ethics. ; )

  3. Barbara H. Says:

    Not what you need to have happening in the middle of moving and a funeral. These things are high on the life stress scale, so no wonder you need to rant a little. All the technology, though often wonderful, certainly increases our awareness of the negatives in life. It’s hard enough just dealing with the “in person” stresses without the magnification that technology brings. I hope the rest of your selling experiences are more positive.

  4. Jean Martha Says:

    Thanks for your kind words, they are truly appreciated. I used to link my Ebay sales to my blog, I had to take the link down because the creepers were starting to creep – it’s a shame. I also regret creating that new account and using my blog name as my username, that was a mistake. I’ll look into seeing if I can change it. No sense in letting the whackjobs have greater access to my life. Not sure why so many people get pleasure in making others miserable. OK, that’s Psych 101…

  5. Ron A. Cals Says:

    The “sponge” on Yoda’s hut (Dagobah Playset) was probably a foam “bog”. The foam decays/breaks down with age, so collectors want an intact version. The buyer should’ve asked before bidding as to the condition of that foam, since most serious vintage Star Wars collectors would be aware of the issue. If he wasn’t, then that’s the risk of buying old, used toys sold by non-collectors.

    I was ripped off by a seller, who sent me the wrong stuff, told me to keep it and he’d send what I won. He only sent part of it. I emailed him again, he said he’d send it. Basically strung me along until I couldn’t open a case against him. Alway check their negative feedback, no matter how high and how many positives.

    I got bad feedback left as a buyer after the USPS sat on a package for a month for no reason I can figure. Rather than contacting me, the seller said “never got item”. I had the tracking number I would’ve sent her that showed it was the post office’s fault, not mine. She got the item, and never retracted her statement or contacted me.

  6. Ron A. Cals Says:

    Got that last part backwards, I was the seller, the buyer left the feedback.

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