Fri, Jul 6, 2012



It’s been a month since I posted.


Between a few big publishing events and generally trying to get rid of stuff and pack in anticipation of moving, this little blog has gotten ignored.

First up, Tucker wants you all to know that he misses you.

June Tucker Move Craigslist 2012 012

He promises to make me post more often.

We found a wonderful apartment in Manhattan but we have to wait a few weeks for coop board approval. Once we have the approval there will be a mad scramble. I’ve gotten rid of a lot of stuff but there’s more stuff to donate. I have not started packing up the kitchen, clothes, my office, or general day-to-day stuff because if we don’t get approved…oy.

In the meantime I’m self-medicating with Dolce gorgonzola, crusty bread, and fig jam.

June Tucker Move Craigslist 2012 043

My lemon tree has gone nuts! There are no less than 15 lemons growing on it.

June Tucker Move Craigslist 2012 052

The new apartment doesn’t have as much light. If we get the place, I may buy a special lamp for my zesty friend.

Due to the quasi-packed (chaotic) state of our current apartment, we keep running away for mini breaks to escape the chaos. This picture is from the we-must-eat-lobster-and-coleslaw-or-we-will-surely-die evening.

June Tucker Move Craigslist 2012 005

Best coleslaw I have EVER had. Ever!

Hope your summer is going well!

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  1. Barbara H. Says:

    Yeah, Tucker! So nice to see you, fella, and stay calm in the packing madness. Keeping my fingers crossed for board approval and a smooth move.

  2. Kate Says:

    It is hot as hades here, but at least we aren’t on fire like some places so I’m grateful for that.
    We started the summer with a fabulous two week tour of Washington and Vancouver Island and I want to move there.
    My son is playing in a new band tonight and we are going out for music and beer.
    Pretty good summer so far, with a Bob Dylan concert and little trip near the end of it
    Thanks for checking in.

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