Deadline. Met!

Mon, Oct 22, 2012

Culinary Mayhem

Deadline. Met!

Whoa. Deadline on the cookbook. Last week was a total blur of writing, rewriting, deleting, cutting and pasting, writing, rewriting, diet coke, candy corn, writing, rewriting, and Dropboxing. But we made the deadline! Phew!

Now we have to wait for the fab editor to review and send it back to us with all her notes. Also, lots of recipe testing for friends and family.

The new apartment is basically unpacked and set up, just a few little things that I want to tweak.

- The tv needs to be mounted to the wall. Initially we weren’t going to mount it but space is an issue in almost all NYC apartments. Mounting the tv will allow us to put the stereo on the dresser (the tv currently lives on the dresser).
- Buy/install a pot rack. Same space saving issue. Also, I truly hate kneeling down to search for the right pan in a cabinet.
- Curtains. I bought curtains at two different big box stores and I truly dislike them. The fabric is so unnatural that it makes my skin crawl. I’m weird – and on the hunt for some vintage cotton curtains which brings me to…

I picked up these curtains at a thrift store a few years ago. I lurve them. LURVE.


Anyone want to take a guess at the name?  They seem very New Orleans/French Quarter to me. They are cotton and hang so nicely. Did I mention that I lurve them?

Renovation Therapy on Facebook. 

In other news, last week was my Mom’s birthday. She’s on the way to NYC to visit me!


I went a little nutty with the decorations.


Plaid. Glaze. Seeds. Candy hearts. Plastic hearts.


She’s lucky I stopped myself before I made a macaroni necklace.

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