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Sat, Dec 1, 2012

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Pies & Hats

I fell of the blogging boat again. Oops. November is a complete blur. After meeting the first major deadline on the cookbook, I spent a few weeks catching up with everything that had been pushed aside (like laundry…). Then Hurricane Sandy happened. We were very lucky. Earlier in the day, my husband looked at me and said “we should leave”. We don’t live in a section of NYC that was in a flood zone but I think we both knew in our gut, it was going to be bad. Since we had the resources (hello, Delta frequent flier miles!) and ability (hello, mobile jobs!) to haul ass out of town, we gave ourselves 2 hours to decide on a few places to go to, find a mileage deal, pack, and get the kitties taken care of. Lucky for us our friend Lynn lives 2 blocks away and LOVES kitties. Sam found a deal on airfare/miles that would get us out of NYC at least 4-6 hours in advance of the storm. A few hours later we were on the way to…London.

We planned to stay in London for 5 days. Then Sandy got ugly. Our apartment never lost electricity or heat but so many friends lost power, heat, and 2 of them lost their entire homes. Travel within NYC (not to mention to/from the airport) was clearly a disaster. We extended our stay in the UK and arranged with Lynn (and our awesome Landlord) to get the keys to our apartment over to friends who were living in the dark without heat.  So happy to know that our apartment kept someone warm at night!

London gets expensive, fast. After a few days in London we decided to rent a car (yikes!) and drive around the country in the hopes of seeing more and finding prices that wouldn’t deplete us. We drove north and spent some time outside of Manchester and then finally a few days in Manchester before heading back to London for 2 days and then finally flying back to the US. All in, I think we had 12-13 days in the UK. I am in love with Manchester. LOVE. It has all the best bits of London minus the prices, it’s a bit more gritty/creative  and a lot less touristy. I’d happily rent an apartment in Manchester for a month or two. Husband, are you listening?

Did I tell you that I opened a shop (online) and at the Antiques Garage in NYC? The shop is called HENRY MARCHE. I’ll do a separate post about that soon. Till then, here’s a peek at my bad stapling skills:

Anyhoo, back to the UK (where I bought lots of stuff for the Henry Marche shop)! Here are some pictures from our epic escape…

It was much colder than we had packed for so I bought this hat for  £2. Sam hates it, I love it. Too bad for him!

November 2012 London 059

Piles of China at an antiques shop. Literally, piles.

November 2012 London 099

I wanted all of them. I bought none of them. Regrets, I have a few…

November 2012 London 097

Tea and snacks with Sam at Harrod’s. He’s cute. Glad I kept him. He became a tea freak in the UK and has almost entirely given up coffee. You really don’t want to know how much tea he bought over there. LOL

November 2012 London 126

We went to see World Party at Royal Albert Hall. Love them. Love. Love. Love.

November 2012 London 081

As we were walking in, Sam said to me “that’s Karl!” and sure enough it was. Sam asked to take a picture. I took the picture but was too shy to say “me too!!” so I just smiled and thanked him profusely. :::swoon:::

He’s a super nice and he puts on a damn good show. Not to mention, hellooossss AMAZING songwriter.  My ace husband scored front row center tickets. Magical night.

November 2012 London 071

No trip to London is complete without at least one trip to Liberty of London. This may be my mercantile church.

November 2012 London 041

Pies. Dear Lord, I ate so many pies in the UK. Pies. Pies. Pies. I could go for one right now…

November 2012 London 120

Carnaby Street’s Christmas celebration is Rolling Stones branded. Given that they are one of Sam’s favorite bands, we had to stop by.

November 2012 London 059

…and of course check out the shop.

November 2012 London 062

I bought another hat in Manchester. Pies and hats, that about sums up my trip.

November 2012 249

Pies & Hats. Good name for an adventure.

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  1. Barbara H. Says:

    Hah! I thought about you this week – suddenly realized that it had been a long time since you posted. So yes, it took a while, but you were missed.

  2. Jean Martha Says:

    Aww! Thank you, that’s so nice to hear!

    *sniff* sniff*

  3. Gina Says:

    If only I could rock lipstick and hats like you! I end up looking like a 92 year old nana.

  4. Wyngrrrl Says:

    Glad that you stayed safe, and were able to help others keep warm! Can’t wait to peruse the Henry marche….

  5. Maretta Says:

    I was at the World Party gig too! Great night.

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