Have A Seat!

Tue, May 7, 2013

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Have A Seat!

Before we moved last summer, I sold our beloved set of brown velvet chesterfield sofas. This picture is from our old apartment:

Chesterfield couches

Not to worry, they went to a good home. A decorator bought them, recovered them, and then they showed up in Harper’s Bazaar (attributed to the wrong designer, they are not Dunbar, I wish they were…). Here’s a link to the Harper’s Bazaar article: LINK.


I then bought a smaller chesterfield sofa, one that was perfect (size-wise) for our new (smaller) apartment in Manhattan. This picture is from the former owner of THAT chesterfield. His apartment is amazing.


However, this sofa was really only good for one person at a time. It was bigger than a love seat but not as a big as a regular couch. We toiled with it for a few months and then it too was sold, this time to a woman who works at The Rug Company. Which reminds me, I should email her and invite her to a party, she’s new in town and super nice.

The search was ON for a new chesterfield. It took some hunting but I finally located a grey linen chesterfield out in Queens. We went to see it. The husband and I both fell in love with it. It’s deeper than a standard sofa and functions very nicely as a twin bed for overnight guests. It’s so comfortable! Thrilled, we paid cash and hired a mover. We moved stuff around and made room for the new (much bigger) sofa.

Fast forward…

My husband has decided that he needs THE WHOLE DAMN COUCH. I can’t whine too much, he has 3 herniated discs and he’s comfortable on it. However, this leaves me with nowhere to sit. I’ve been hunting for a chair for months. Months. I am picky. Also, cheap. Mostly picky.

Today I wandered into Housing Works (a nice chain of thrift shops in NYC) and saw a grey and teal spotted velvet channel back club chair.

Like a child I jumped on it and planted my ass so that nobody else would claim it. I crawled all over it and checked it out. Pristine. Not a single mark on it. Even the feet had no scuffs. NEW! It’s NEW! No manufacturer tags. Custom? Reupholstered vintage? Such a unique outline. Custom? I don’t know. It won’t tell me. A friend suspects it has DesignTex fabric.

Two hours later this baby was delivered.


Penny *really* likes it.

I still have nowhere to sit.


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  1. Kate R Says:

    Ah, the things we do for our pets. Penny seems very happy with her new chair & rightfully so. Love the lines & fabric – so unique.

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