Auntie Mame Lands At Tool Camp!

I have a roommate in my dorm room here at Yestermorrow but haven’t met her yet. She got the single bed so I ended up with the bottom bunk. Oh well, she got here first so she gets dibs. There is soooooo much snow that it comes up to more than half way up the window. Will take pics tomorrow. The place looks pretty cool – even in the dark. And there’s…WIRELESS. Hurrah! Anyway…I haven’t actually SEEN anyone which leads me to believe that they’ve all gone out drinking. Damn. I could use a beer.

During my 10 hour train ride (boring…) not only did I eat too much junk food, but I watched Auntie Mame 2.5 times. I brought 8-10 dvd’s with me (and my laptop at the last minute) but I love Auntie Mame…it’s one of my all-time favorites. I aspire to be Rosalind Russell’s Auntie Mame. I should check in with my niece Sarah to see if I’m living up to my idol. Anyhoo, I did a whole long review of the MANY DECOR changes that take place in that movie. It’s 18+ slides. Here’s the first couple…I’ll try and put up a few each day. The sets are amazing!!! Rock on Auntie Mame!!!

If you’ve never seen Auntie Mame…I highly recommend it!!

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  1. Marilyn Says:

    Do you need a little Christmas up there?

    You know the Lucy version sucked. Have fun at camp, and congrats on the wireless!

  2. Green Fairy Says:

    I LOVE Auntie Mame–and I agree with Marilyn, the Lucy version kinda sucks.

    Good to know you’ve got wireless. What would I do without my daily dose?

  3. Jenni Says:

    How do you copy and get the still images from the DVD to make your slides? I could use a step by step instruction post when you get back.

    I love the white palm tree lamps.

    Speaking of Lucy, the I love Lucy set changes several time during the run of the show. Sometimes there’s a window, sometimes not, sometimes there is a rock wall, and she does have a great modern one armed sofa in —-you got it—-some episodes.

  4. modernemama Says:

    I want those huge lilac lamps. And that huge tree. And the mod chandelier, too. And the hats, we should wear hats more.
    Must go rent this one.

  5. goddessof4 Says:

    I love the columns !!! Very glam! i love old movies,that was part of the reason I went to fashion design school.Too bad I changed my career!!

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