Tool Camp Day One – And The Return of Auntie Mame

I just finished day one at Yestermorrow. I thought I’d do a really brief overview and then a bigger more all-encompassing post late next week.

If you have a migraine, noisy tools will make for a rough day. I took some tylenol around 8am and that helped for a few hours. Around 3pm I started to go downhill again. I hate when you get sidelined by something as ridiculous as a headache when something more important/timely is happening. Que sera sera. I made do. I’m still sanding.

I sawed-dededed a lot today.

1. Miter/Chop saw – love it. I bought one a year or so ago on sale at Lowes and it’s been sitting in that garage…in the box…mocking me. Hah. I shall best that beast. This machine is not nearly as intimidating as it looks.

2. Table saw – This seemed to be the one item that gave everyone the most concern. It really is a cringe-worthy piece of equipment. Still, we all got through it with the aide of our trusty leaders Patti & Jan. Everyone still has all their fingers.

3. Jigsaw – I use a jigsaw a lot at home…particularly for things it’s not really meant to be used for. It’s small & compact (like a New York City apartment…) so it’s been my “go to” tool for cutting. Anyhoo, we’re making a bench and I had to redo my jigsaw cuts 3 times. I finally opted to go for…

4. The Band Saw – Since I used to manage bands “back in the day” this was obviously going to be the saw that I had the most harmonious relationship with. So many puns, so little time. I puffy heart the band saw…oh yes I do!

If you’re looking for healthy food…they’ve got plenty here. Next time I might smuggle in a box of candy bars, a stick of pepperoni and a bottle of wine. All this healthy air and food is freaking my system out.

More tomorrow…now let’s return to the oh-so-fabulous Auntie Mame…

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  1. Marilyn Says:

    Maybe you can build a nice Mame diorama while you’re there!

  2. EGE Says:

    Life’s a banquet, and those poor suckers are starving to death!

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