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Sun, Mar 30, 2008

Decor Porn

More Auntie Mame Mid-Century Madness…and then the final decor transition…India.

Auntie Mame, I miss you already.

That second slide should read “NOW married” not “NOT married”. Leave it to a literary agent to run willy nilly with the typos. Hey, I’m NOT an editor!

I finished my bench. It’s all wrapped up in cardboard and ready to hit the train with me tomorrow morning. I’ll try and do my whole Yestermorrow blog/post/review on the train tomorrow…if I don’t get sidetracked by season one & two of Northern Exposure. Come on, how could I NOT bring that boxed set with me? It’s even boxed up in an orange puffy vest. Slap some tevas on those dvd’s and it’d fit right in.

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  1. modernemama Says:

    Wait, that’s the bench you made in slide 4? It’s a beauty.

  2. Marilyn Says:

    Oh my god, I love Joel Fleischman.

    I agree about the Mame sets – everything is fabulous but the eagle, and I always liked the crystal pulleys.

  3. Aimee "Roo" Says:

    ok, now i totally have to add this movie to my queue. how have i not seen it before?!

  4. Jennifer Says:

    Can’t wait to see the bench! :)

  5. EGE Says:

    Ha! I bought Johnny the complete series for Christmas. It came in a shearling coat.

    (PS How psychic am I, making a Joel Fleischman reference for you yesterday, when you were already gearing up to watch the DVD? VERY psychic, that’s how!)

  6. Rechelle Says:

    Oh Good Grief – now I am going to have to watch this movie. You know you got me totally hooked on those crazy ladies in the moldering mansion. Gray Gardens.

  7. Megan Says:

    Auntie Mame is one of my go-to movies for quotes. Agnes Gooch in particular (“I’m yer sponge,” “I’m a bride!” and her love of “Doctah Peppah”). Maybe it’s time to Netflix it again…

  8. Bryna Says:

    I ADORE that movie!

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