My name is Jean. My middle name is Martha. Really. It’s a family name. I hated it when I was little, now I love it.

Email me at… iloveupstate (at) gmail (dot) com.

I’m a literary agent and have the awesome job of managing and guiding some of the world’s best known, best selling and bestest all around authors and artists. My office is in Manhattan. I am priced out of owning New York City real estate (on my terms) as it’s currently selling for $1000 a square foot. Can you imagine? I am restoring a Greek Revival house built circa1839 in upstate New York. I bought the house in response to a death in my family. It was either start a HUGE project or lose my mind. I opted to work through my grief with a sledgehammer. It worked for me – mostly. My house has been in Country Living Magazine and featured on CNN.com. This blog has been featured in Cookie Magazine. I am running amuck. I also have an addiction to Chesterfield sofas.

From the Folks at CNN (about my home):
“A classic of the genre, this upstate New York home displays near perfect proportions with a two-story, Doric-columned portico and gently sloping pediment.” — CNN

What do they mean NEAR perfect!??! Kidding! It was a thrill to be noticed.

I travel for work quite a bit so sometimes I’m in NYC, sometimes I’m at My Big Fat Greek Revival House and sometimes I’m somewhere else.

Cast O’ Characters:

ME – Umm, you probably already read the stuff above, right?

UPSTATE MOM – We’re real tricky with the names here. Upstate Mom is…MY MOM.

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